These Are the Coolest Celebrity Hair Moments of 2019 (So Far)

With glam teams at their finger tips and hordes of red carpets to attend, celebrities have the opportunity to experiment with more hairstyles than most. They can alter their look on a dime (often in the back of a car or minutes before their scheduled arrival), as well as plan them weeks in advance. Their hairstylists dream up these looks, taking inspiration from just about anything, and execute them with precision and an unbelievable amount of skill. Then, we get to see it all come to fruition on the carpet. It's thrilling, really—especially when they're particularly creative, dreamy, or awe-inspiring. It's with that in mind I decided to go through all the hairstyles I've noticed this year, ticking off my favorites and researching all the went into each one.

Below, find my thoughts on each look and why it attracted me in the first place, as well as specific odes to the stylists behind them. I've taken note of the inspiration, the hero products used, and anything else that made the look especially cool. There are braids, buns, and floral accessories, along with some sparkles too, naturally. Can you tell I'm objectively hyped? You will be too, I promise. Keep scrolling to find out more.