These Are the Perfumes Gigi, Olivia, and More Wear Every Day

Your signature scent says a lot about you. That's why you can consider us curious when it comes to the fragrances our favorite celebrities covet.

Stars have long served as the faces of various fragrances, but what do they spritz when they're off duty? What are the signature scents of our favorite leading ladies? We already know who they wear, where they go, and can even find out exactly what they eat. But for some reason, intel on their go-to perfume seems so much more intimate and secretive. After all, you would have to get pretty close to them—literally—to find out IRL.

While we have no set plans for Gigi to flip her hair in front of our faces or Olivia to sit next to us in such close proximity that her perfume overwhelms our olfactory senses, we can still discover just what these stars genuinely love when it comes to their signature scent.

Keep scrolling to find out the perfumes our favorite stars wear every day.