Kylie, Taylor, and More Share the One Makeup Product They Can’t Live Without

While reading the latest celebrity beauty interview or even during our own sit-downs with Hollywood’s finest, we almost always find ourselves hanging onto the starlet’s every word until they reveal that one token piece of information we yearn for: their favorite products. Something about knowing exactly which products a celebrity uses makes us feel like we can maybe—just maybe—achieve the glamorous looks of our favorite icons. Not only that—harnessing this information also gives way to a little humble-bragging: “Oh, this lipstick? Yeah, it’s J.Lo’s favorite.” So if you’re like us and love knowing which products celebrities have given their stamp of approval to, we’ve compiled a list of some of some of our favorite beauties in Tinseltown and their respective go-to items. Keep scrolling to find out what they are!

What’s your all-time favorite, go-to beauty product? Sound off below!