We Tried the Celeb-Favorite Cleansing Balm That Keeps Selling Out

P.S. It's finally back in stock.

Cleansing Balm

True Botanicals

Under normal circumstances, taking my makeup off is my least favorite part of my nighttime skincare routine. Although I love the feeling of a fresh face, the hassle of removing it all (especially my mascara, which always seems extraordinarily determined to stick onto every last lash) brings out the procrastinator in me. Cue me promising myself that I'll wash my face after one more episode, and eventually falling asleep with my makeup fully intact. (I know, I know, the horror!)

That said, finding a makeup remover that made the whole process less daunting has always been a dream of mine. But it's definitely easier said than done. There are just so many options to choose from: single-use makeup wipes, so-called magic makeup erasers, and harsher-than-necessary solutions. Narrowing it down can be hard, and finding the best product through trial and error is never easy. Still, choosing a cleanser that works for your skin is important. So why not start with the most popular first?

True Botanicals Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm ($48) is an all-time celebrity favorite, so much so that it garnered a 5,000 person waitlist while it was out of stock. Known for its makeup-removing powers and creamy formula, this balm combines luxury and efficacy in a 3 oz jar.

True Botanicals Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm

Best For: Face

Price: $48

Product Claims: Removes makeup, sunscreen, and dirt easily without stripping skin of moisture

Key Ingredients: Yucca extract, turmeric, ginger root, mango butters, lactic acid, and azelaic acid

Why We Love It: Gentle formula, incredible scent, and easy makeup removal

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The Product

No matter your skin type, makeup removal—especially when the makeup is particularly stubborn—can be a nightmare. True Botanicals Cleansing Balm is designed to change that, eliminating the need for harsh scrubbing and harsher formulas.

Instead, this balm is a delightful contradiction: practical yet opulent. Made with yucca extract, turmeric, ginger, and lactic and azelaic acids, this creamy balm has a lather-worthy formula that serves many purposes. It removes makeup and prevents moisture loss, all while calming and brightening the skin.

True Botanicals Cleansing Balm
True Botanicals Cleansing Balm $48.00

It isn't only useful on days when you're wearing a full face of makeup, either. The balm works to remove sunscreen, dirt, oils, and other impurities from your skin. So no, you don't have to skip this step of your nighttime routine on the days you forego makeup.

Understandably, the restock of this cleansing balm has been heavily anticipated. Hillary Peterson, CEO of True Botanicals, explains, "It is so exciting that this cleansing balm, with its creamy texture and gorgeous scent, is back in stock because not only have our customers been anxiously awaiting its return, I have too!" She adds, "There is no better way to remove sunscreen and makeup at the end of the day, and I have been missing it." And she isn't the only one.

The Hype

It's not every day that a facial cleanser gets a 5,000 person-strong waitlist. But in this case, it makes sense. After all, when celebrities find a skincare brand they love, you're bound to hear about it. True Botanicals is no exception.

This cleansing balm, in particular, has gotten its fair share of Hollywood admirers, including Brooke Shields, Rachel Lindsay, Laura Dern, and Logan Browning. It's no coincidence that they all have incredible skin, either. In Browning's own words, "This cleanser is euphoric! I love the Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm because it removes the toughest makeup in the gentlest way."

Not to mention, skinfluencer Susan Yara is also a fan of the cleansing formula.

In her review, Yara called using the balm a "sensorial experience" and rated it a 10/10. In other words, it's a huge upgrade from a cotton boll soaked in makeup remover.

Shields is equally in love with this cleanser and made a point to praise it during her "Go To Bed With Me" feature. She explains why it has a permanent place in her makeup bag, "The Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm is in a league of its own—it’s the most luxurious formula that removes every last trace of my makeup and sunscreen, without removing moisture."

Shields adds, "And it smells so good, it turns the chore of washing my face into a spa-like treat!” So, yes, pretty sure she was one of the 5,000 on that waitlist.

Lindsay also adores this cleanser. "You guys, it smells so good, but it works even better," she explains. "It breaks down all that heavy makeup that you may have on... but it doesn't rob your skin of moisture."

But it isn't just celebrities who have taken note of this cleanser's makeup-removing prowess. Roxanne Latulippe, a Youtuber with nearly 7,000 subscribers, also gave the cleansing balm a rave review: "It feels like a treatment every time I use it."

The main takeaway? If you're on the hunt for a cleanser that makes you actually look forward to your nighttime skincare routine, the Turmeric Ginger Cleansing Balm deserves a spot in your shopping cart.

The Review

Hannah Kerns

Hannah Kerns

I said it once, and I'll say it again: I do not like removing my makeup—like at all. I usually consider it a necessary evil, but the True Botanicals Cleansing Balm might have me changing my tune. I decided to try it out after a full day of wearing sunscreen and makeup (including jet black liquid liner and several coats of mascara). As expected, I was dreading the prospect of taking it all off later.

Fortunately, this cleanser is all it's cracked up to be. A little bit goes a long way in melting away makeup, and the lather feels luxe instead of wearisome. (No tired arms here!) All in all, this is the gentlest makeup remover I've ever used—and, even better, it's the most efficient. With a spa-worthy scent and soothing formula, it *might* be enough to make me start anticipating my nighttime routine in a good way.

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