These Are the 6 Drugstore Products Celebrities Used This Month

While it's clear celebrities love their prestige products—that's been well documented—every once in a while a notable person will tout a less expensive go-to. Perhaps it's a lip gloss you can spot at CVS, a high-powered hair treatment you can buy at Target, or even a few tricks using makeup products you've been purchasing for years. We are consistently scanning Instagram, other websites, and our inboxes for such news (because, you know, we love a deal). 

Below, find the celebrities who've touted drugstore products in the past month and exactly how they used them. There's advice from makeup artists so you can walk away with tricks up your sleeve. We even included Kylie Jenner's advice for keeping your hair protected from color damage. She changes her color like we change our clothes: often. Keep scrolling for your new favorite products.