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5 Healthy Eating Plans the World's Most Beautiful Women Swear By

For anyone interested in boosting their health and wellness, nutrition is super-important. (Some would say diet plays a bigger role than exercise.) That said, what we eat also affects everything from how we feel, to the state of our skin, making it relevant even if you're more into Big Macs than maca balls.

Interested in eating yourself beautiful? Us too. And where better to look for inspo than celebrity diet plans? These are women who make a living from looking good, after all. From Lily Aldridge's go-to vegetarian food delivery service and Beyoncé's vegan home cooking to Gisele Bündchen's now famous nightshade- (and fun-?) free regime, the eating habits of the world's most gorgeous women are equal parts fascinating and inspiring.

The Naturopathic Program

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Our favorite Snapchat beauty guru, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, swears by this way of eating, as recommended by naturopathic doctor Dr. Nigma Talib. The plan excludes sugar, dairy, gluten, and alcohol—all thought to be damaging to the skin—and focuses on balancing hormones and calming inflammation. In essence, it aims to boost the complexion by getting your body into primo condition. Pick up Dr. Talib's book Younger Skin Starts in the Gut ($7) for an in-depth look at how Rosie stays in shape.

The Vegetarian Delivery Plan

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A fan of Sakara, an organic, vegetarian meal delivery program that emphasizes gluten-free, superfood-rich meals, Lily Aldridge proves that eating clean can be as easy as ordering in. The service has loads of celebrity devotees (including high priestess of all things health and wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow) and is sadly only available in the US. That said, there are loads of similar options locally—Eat Fit Food and Dietlicious are two Byrdie-approved companies that offer vegetarian menus. 

The Plant-Based Diet

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While B famously went vegan in 2013 for 22 days (then went on to co-found 22 Days, a plant-based delivery service, with trainer Marco Borges), the singer has since adopted a more balanced approach to nutrition, factoring meat back into her diet. That said, the lessons she learned while being vegan have been in her words "incredible", and we suspect she's stuck by them. Want proof? In one YouTube video B says: "It's all about balance but absolutely I make better choices [since temporarily adopting a vegan lifestyle]". We're convinced.

The Blood Type Diet

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Based on the principles set out in naturopath Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo's book Eat Right 4 Your Type ($11), the blood type diet is about personalizing what you eat to suit your genetic makeup. The overarching concept is that a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn't work (as anyone who's copied a friend's diet to no effect can attest) and that an individualized plan for both diet and exercise can lead you to optimum health. Miranda Kerr subscribes to the theory, as do other celebrities including Cheryl Cole, Demi Moore, and Courtney Cox.

The Nightshade-Free Regime

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Much has been written about Gisele's diet since the model's personal chef told the world what she and husband Tom Brady eat on the daily. (And more importantly what they don't eat, ever.) On the banned list are the usual suspects coffee, dairy, sugar, white flour, and MSG, but it also includes nightshades. This class of vegetables is believed by some to be inflammatory due to a chemical called solanine. Whatever your thoughts on the health status of these veggies, an anti-inflammatory diet seems to be working for these two exceptionally beautiful humans.

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