Good News: You Can Totally Handle Gigi Hadid's Diet-and-Fitness Plan

We spend so much time thinking about our weight or our bodies or our diets. It’s exhausting, truly. So when a quick fix or trendy detox comes our way, we’re apt to attempt it—and then quickly fail. And when we look to our favorite celebs, who have the means to book sessions with personal trainers and the schedules that accommodate, it’s even more discouraging. Is it possible to look like your best self while also living a normal, happy life? The short answer is yes. And we’re here to prove it.

We’ve interviewed a slew of gorgeous, toned A-listers who boast much more lax diet plans, and they work. No crash diets, no crazy cleanses—each tip they’ve given us is easy to incorporate into your daily life and busy schedule. Keep scrolling to read seven easy diet tricks and exercise hacks to get the body of your dreams.

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