From Miranda Kerr to Lea Michele: This Is How Celebs Stock Their Fridge

There's something oddly intriguing about knowing what a celebrity eats. Presumably their diets (along with killer genes, obviously) are a large part of why they look so stunning, from their skin to their hair to their enviable physiques. Not to mention copying a celebrity's diet is a lot more feasible than borrowing their other beauty habits (hi, Kylie Jenner's $1200 Sephora haul) or workout routines (couch potatoes, unite.) 

In our undying quest to live life like the Hollywood elite, we've asked some of the most striking women in the industry to open up their fridges for us and share the grocery items they can't live without. What we'd find included the obvious fresh produce, along with some delicious unhealthy options and, of course, bubbly. From Miranda Kerr to Cindy Crawford, below are the most popular items in celebrities' fridges.  

What would we always find in your fridge? Please share with us in the comments!