9 Celebrities Share Their Advice on How to Feel Confident

Like most preteens, when I was in middle school, I was racked with insecurity. I remember crying in the dressing room of an American Eagle because the super-cool ripped jeans I was trying on didn’t look anything like they did on the model. At that point in my life, I viewed adults, especially famous ones like models and celebrities, as ultra-confident beings who were unaffected by insecurity.

Now that I’m in my 20s, I don’t feel nearly as self-conscious as I did in the awkward days of seventh grade. However, I also know that insecurity never really goes away. Everyone, no matter their age or status, has some sort of hang-up about their appearance. So from time to time, it’s important to check in with ourselves to see if we’ve developed the confidence we always hoped we’d have as adults.

We were particularly interested in learning the confidence-boosting tips of some of Hollywood’s most poised celebrities, so we assembled this list of honest insight from the likes of Ruby Rose, Shay Mitchell, and Cindy Crawford. Harsh criticism unfortunately seems to go hand-in-hand with being in the public eye, so we figured these women would be the perfect people to turn to.

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Get Into Meditation

cleo wade
Desiree Navarro/Getty

It’s a universal truth that you never feel your most confident when you’re rushed, tired, or ill-prepared. Confidence originates from calm and centeredness. What better way to feel this way than to meditate? Cleo Wade is an avid practitioner. “The first thing I do before anything else is meditate,” she told us. “It’s a lot easier to take care of your outer self if your inner self is taken care of.” For more on the art of mediation, click here

Find What Calms You, and Binge on It

priyanka chopra
Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Even Hollywood star and former Miss Universe (!) Priyanka Chopra feels the weight of stress and insecurity. Chopra divulged her favorite way to unwind from it all. “Find what calms you and have that on you at all times—to help ease the stress,” she said. “I binge-watch TV shows whenever I get a free moment. I put on my headphones and switch the world off and concentrate on what’s on the screen in front me. It allows me to disconnect and find my center again—just be, and not have to think about anything.” Thank you, Miss Chopra, for making us feel better about our Netflix habit. 

Recognize the Beauty in Others—It Will Come Back to You

ruby rose
Dave Hogan/MTV 2015/Getty

Ruby Rose took some time out of her busy schedule—which includes appearing in Orange Is the New Black, deejaying, and redefining gender norms—to offer honest, epic advice on unearthing inner confidence. “I feel like beauty is definitely the warmth that somebody puts out—what’s internal as opposed to what’s external,” she said. “There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman stop another woman in the street to tell them they are beautiful. … It’s just so nice when people have that comfort and peace of mind in themselves that they are actually noticing beauty around them.”

Own Your Positive Qualities

Vivien Killilea/Getty

We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, but we all have things we do like as well. Fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi makes an effort to focus on her favorite thing about herself. “For me, my hair was something I felt good about, especially when you think about insecurities girls have in high school,” she said. “My hair was a reliable source of confidence, and if my hair was looking good then, I felt good. Since my mom is the only one who has ever touched my hair, I learned a few things from her. In general, I don’t experiment with my hair too much, and I don’t wash it that often.” To bring your hair to Mirasalehi’s level, read up on some celebrity haircare tips.

Remember Your True Beauty Icons

cipriana quann
Brian Ach/Getty

Cipriana Quann, one half of the too-cool Urban Bush Babes, didn’t always embrace her natural (and totally enviable) hair. “The journey was a long one, but to keep it short, I just became more comfortable in my natural identity,” she told us. “After years and years of modeling and struggling with my physical image regarding my hair, of trying to mold it into someone else’s idea of their ‘ideal beauty,’ I’d just had enough! I wanted to represent the kind of beauty I felt most comfortable with and idolized when I was younger, which was my mother’s image.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and at the end of the day, I realized the most important beholder was me.” Preach, girl! If you’re thinking about embracing your natural hair, Quann has product recommendations: Try Dr. Bronner’s Almond Pure Castile Soap ($16) and Jamaican Black Castor Oil ($9). 

Exercise for Your Mind

shay mitchell
Jason LaVeris/Getty

Shay Mitchell, our favorite Bioré brand ambassador, is thoroughly dedicated to daily workouts. But instead of focusing solely on her body, she zeroes in on the happiness and confidence exercise brings her. “I work out not only to balance food, but also to keep my mind focused,” she told us. “And for me, that comes in many different forms. It can be taking a walk outside, boxing, or going to dance. Anything physical has such a positive impact on people; the dopamine and serotonin that get released when you work out—afterward, you feel amazing.”

Embrace What Makes You Unique

cindy crawford
JB Lacroix/Getty

We sat down with Cindy Crawford to talk about some of her most iconic projects, including George Michael’s “Freedom” music video, which she shot with model colleagues Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. Crawford said what she loved about the project was that it wasn’t a competition or a one-size-fits-all group. “We look like real women there, all individual and unique,” she said. “[The photographer] didn’t try to have us coming out together looking all the same, but celebrated kind of what he thought was sexy about each one of us.” See? Even for the genetically blessed supermodels, it’s important to remember that we’re all different.

Indulge in Simple Pleasures

teresa palmer
Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Health, good food, and sunshine—these are all the things Teresa Palmer needs to keep her heart full and confidence present. In her Byrdie exclusive, Palmer said, “Honestly, for me, being my happiest self equates to being my healthiest self. And that’s about doing enough self-development work to be at a place where I’m only sourcing happiness from an internal place as opposed to anything external. ... I think that’s the most important thing. And then you try to eat as healthy as possible, but I also like to indulge, too. I’m not nearly as strict about my nutrition as I once was. And then try to get outside, spend some time outdoors getting some vitamin D—don’t be afraid of the sun.” This is a lifestyle we can get behind. To read an in-depth discussion of dieting experiences from Byrdie editors, click here

When In Doubt, Put on a Red Lip

jaime king
Donato Sardella/Getty

Whenever actress Jaime King needs a boost, she swipes on a bold red lip, like her #Alchemy Jaime King x Colourpop Joujourouge Lippie Stix. “The reason I made that particular red was because I want every woman to be able to feel powerful and confident wearing red because a lot of women don’t,” she said. “They are either the girl who wears the red lipstick or the girl who doesn’t, or the boy who does or doesn’t. … That was incredibly important because there’s nothing more irritating to me than the idea of something not being usable for everybody.” 

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