The Celebrity Brow Transformations We Can't Get Over

Because of the gorgeous way full, bold brows look on a person, we can't believe that purposefully pencil-thin arches were ever a trend. Bigger, thicker brows seem to be on every woman's agenda, so much so that brow-enhancing serums are of the moment. We have a whole slew of celebrities to thank for this brow revival, influencing us to toss our wax kits and tweezers aside and let those babies grow.

While we often peek back at our own high school–era brows and compare them to today's groomed, powdered, and penciled-in arches, we thought we'd have a look into the yearbooks of different celebrities and how their own brows have changed—and we can't believe how much a little shaping and filling can do.

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Emma Stone debuted feathered, natural brows at this year's Venice Film Festival—a gorgeous deviation from her usual narrow, perfectly manicured arches.

Images: Getty/Lars Nikki, Getty/Danny Martindale

Holy BROWS. Demi Lovato's always had a great set of arches, but lately her brow game is strong, and we love the vixen vibe it's helping her give off. Try dipping a small angled brush into Anastasia Brow Powder Duo ($23) to do some major sculpting like hers.

Images: Getty/Steve GranitzGetty/Jon Kopaloff

Like the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Khloé's perfected her beauty look with perfectly groomed brows (seriously, do they have a brow guru on speed dial?).

Images: Getty/Chris WeeksGetty/Mark Davis

While we're fully entranced by Selena Gomez's subtly colored contacts in this "after" shot, it's the songstress's sultry dark brows we're really envying. 

Images: Getty/Andrew Toth/Film MagicGetty/Jon Kopaloff

Who says blondes can't rock dark, bold brows? Even with practically platinum locks, Julianne Hough stuns with her tinted arches. Thinking about doing your own tinting at home? Read our helpful brow-tinting how-to first.

Images: Getty/David LivingstonGetty/Jon Kopaloff

We're convinced that Zendaya came out of the womb with a perfect set of brows. While her transformation is a bit subtler (a slightly darker pencil can do wonders), it's vampy in the best way possible.

Images: Getty/Steve GranitzGetty/Jason LaVeris

Lauren Conrad's come a long way from her Hills days, trading in her once on-trend thin brows for some power arches. If you're also blond (and even if you aren't!), try filling in your brows with a no-fail color like Too Faced Bulletproof Brows ($30) in Universal Taupe.

Images: Getty/Jason MerrittGetty/Jim Spellman

We can't believe how different Jessica Alba looks with light and dark brows. While both are stunning (can she really ever go wrong?), we love how much the dark arches play up her eyes.

Images: Getty/Steve GranitzGetty/Jeffrey Mayer

Leighton Meester let her arches grow in fuller and ditched the precise tweezing and waxing for a more natural look. 

Images: Getty/Kevin WinterGetty/Gregg DeGuire

Take a look at how much fuller Shay Mitchell's brows in the second image. The mastermind behind these arches? Kelley Baker. Excuse us while we go book an appointment.

Images: Getty/Kevin WinterGetty/Gregg DeGuire

Taylor Hill told us she was made fun of for her mega-full brows as a teen, but we'd kill for a set of naturally bold arches like the model's. She's since groomed them a bit more and lightened them just a touch.

Images: ImaxtreeGetty/Desiree Navarro

What's your eyebrow regimen? Tell us how you perfect your arches below!

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