5 Ways to Elevate Your No-Makeup Makeup Look for Spring

Another season, another excuse to refresh your makeup bag. While we love a good dramatic look, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited to try fresh-faced looks for spring—and we’re not the only ones enamored with lightweight skincare to barely-there makeup this time of year.

Fashion journalist and TV host Louise Roe feels the same way. “Spring beauty is about wearing less foundation, very little powder, and more highlighter and shimmer. Beauty plays a huge role in my work, and I’ve learned the importance of looking after my skin and finding the products that’d be most beneficial to me,” says the London-born It girl. Another thing to keep in mind? You don’t need to worry about trying every trend. Instead, narrow in on things that will work for you, says Roe, who told us there’s one trend in particular that isn’t for her: “Never say never, but I don’t want to try frosted lips; it’s too ’80s for me.”

Ready to see what she will try? We got Roe to give us her top tips and tricks for nailing spring’s top beauty looks.