10 Empowering Beauty Quotes You'll Want to Regram



There are so many, shall we say, colorful things celebrities have said publicly, from Kylie Jenner's "realizing things," to Justin Bieber's "Why is Rhode Island nor a road or an island," to Trump's—wait, not even going there. But amid all the noise and sound bites and wait-did-they-really-say-that tweets are empowering, humbling, and moving quotes from Hollywood's elite that we should certainly apply in our own daily lives.

Taking a look back at some of our own exclusive interviews with celebrities, it's clear that the women we chat with are strong, able-bodied, confident muses who've spewed beauty and wellness truths so well, we needed to create an individualized interstitial for each. Get ready to pin and 'gram to your heart's content.

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