Meet Beauty’s New Cool Crowd: Saoirse, Fernanda, and More

What is cool factor, exactly, other than a severely overused phrase in the entertainment industry? Is it the ability to start trends, or the way clothes effortlessly drape over someone's frame? Or is it something inherent that defies explanation or reason? We think it’s a combination of the two, paired with a tinge of attitude—that DGAF vibe the rest of us secretly covet.

In the beauty world, there are certain cool girls we know we can count on for endless beauty inspiration (hi, Alexa Chung and Zoë Kravitz). But we’ve also noticed a new crop of rising stars—girls with otherworldly hair, luminous skin, and a penchant for smudged, sultry eye makeup. Ahead, you’ll find seven models, actresses, and It girls we’ve dubbed beauty’s new cool crowd (for a multitude of reasons, which we’ll explain ahead). Ready to meet your new beauty muses?

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