Celebrity Beauty Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe

We’ve all been there—that disastrous moment when our beautification efforts go haywire and we end up dying our face orange or burning off half our hair. Unavoidable by nature, these beauty nightmares are rites of passage, learning experiences we battle through to become our older, wiser, more seasoned-with-styling-wands selves. While it may feel like these embarrassing experiences are reserved for IRL beauty junkies, the truth is they happen to everyone, including even those equipped with professional makeup artists and hairstyling teams. No, celebrities are not immune to the occasional beauty blunder, whether they had awkward teenage phases like the rest of us or even underwent an uh-oh moment with professional help. See which actress has shaved her entire face, which singer once chopped off her eyelashes while attempting to curl them, and which model lost her eyebrows after walking the catwalk.

Keep scrolling to read some seriously cringe-worthy beauty horror stories shared by our favorite celebrities.