4 Subtly Daring Spring Beauty Looks, With Deborah Ann Woll

With porcelain skin and an unmistakable natural beauty, Deborah Ann Woll is practically the poster girl for the no-makeup makeup look, a trend that never seems to go out of style. But while other women actually wear makeup to achieve the look, Woll admits that her daily routine consists of simply moisturizer and a “little mascara.” But that’s not to say the actress—who is currently starring as the courageous Karen Page in the Netflix Marvel series Daredevil—isn’t willing to push the envelope with an, er, daring eye or lip from time to time. Case in point: today’s how-to feature.

Woll may gravitate toward low-key beauty looks in real life, but onscreen it’s a different story. For Daredevil’s Karen Page, Woll and her team looked to screen siren Lauren Bacall for inspiration. The result? A look that was sophisticated yet still sexy, echoing the show’s noir quality. “We ended up thinking about her and this idea of natural and feminine, but striking,” Woll told us. “It might be something like a striking brow or a touch of a strong lip—something that says I am a woman and I take up space.”

The idea that you can create a strong feminine look with just one subtly dramatic element is the basis of today’s story. With Woll as her muse, makeup artist Tamah showed us how you can give your four spring trends a “daredevil” update.