I Tried the Beautifying Treatments J.Law and Adriana Lima Get Before Big Events

Award season is endlessly intriguing—the red carpets, parties, and A-list run-ins alone have me stimulated with celebrity gossip and photographs for weeks to come. More so than anything, though, is the line-less, pore-less faces and super-toned bodies each celebrity shows off come showtime. It's a mix of great genes (naturally), hard work in the gym, and a few treatments with which I've recently become very familiar.

I found a few procedures that have become quite popular with the celebrity set come Oscars time. After talking to the aestheticians and doctors that preform them, I made a list of the ones I most wanted to check out. Below, find my experience with five common treatments celebrities swear by.

Now, see what happened when our editor's S.O., boss, and a makeup artist chose her makeup for a big event.