Celebrities Are Really Into "Ugly" Skirts Right Now

From cargo to denim, long skirts are having a moment.

Bella Hadid in a cargo skirt

Bella Hadid

Call it nostalgia or satire, but some of the more regrettable trends from the late ‘90s-early ’00s are trickling into mainstream fashion. We’ve seen everything from chunky flip-flops to low-rise jeans have their comeback moment now that we're finally far enough away from the early aughts for things to feel fresh again.

The most recent unfashionably fashionable trend making its rounds again is the “ugly” skirt. Remember the absurdly long denim skirt your mom would sport in the early 2000’s? Or maybe you remember seeing Disney Channel celebs step onto the red carpet in a long cargo skirt along with their skinny scarves and wedge sandals. Yeah, those are the ones. So cue up your Depop app because the skirt is back in a major way. 

Bella Hadid long denim skirt

Getty Images

Bella Hadid spearheaded the revival when she wore a patchwork knee-length denim skirt out in Tribeca in September 2021. A few months later, she tried out a long cargo skirt from Coperni paired with a very Y2K-esque crochet sequin top. Flash forward to 2022, and the skirt has become a staple in the model's wardrobe.

Since then, the look has been a “slow burn,” with a few celebrities here and there dabbling into the Y2K trend. Kendall Jenner wore a long cargo skirt to a pop-up event with Revolve for her Tequila brand 818 earlier this year. But now, there's no denying the skirt is having a moment.

Amelia Gray posted an Instagram in the trend, pairing a long light wash denim skirt with two more it-girl essentials: Adidas Sambas and bleached eyebrows. The daughter of Lisa Rinna made the skirt so effortlessly cool and easy to wear that it’s easy to see why the style is coming back around. 

At Coachella, Doja Cat opted for a laid-back look, and wore a cut-off denim skirt with a torn up tee and slouchy boots. A flannel around her waist and a trucker cap added to the IDGAFG feel.

Doja Cat denim skirt

Doja Cat

Pop star and model, Rina Sawayama, also tried out the long skirt look with an all-denim take on the trend. In an Instagram, Sawayama wore a pleated denim skirt with a matching jacket and beret. She finished the look with sporty sunglasses and a pair of lug sole boots. The singer also wore a dark wash long denim skirt in another post promoting her new single. 

Most celebrities have been styling the skirt with other micro-trends, but there are also more timeless ways to incorporate the skirt into your wardrobe. For example, try a more elevated approach by pairing a long denim skirt with closet staples like a tailored blazer or a white blouse.

Luckily, the odds of us getting more “ugly” skirt inspiration from NYFW in September is high, considering the trend was the street style “it-girl” item at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week.

In the meantime, though, we will be sifting through thrift store racks and our mom's old clothes to find the perfect cargo or denim skirt to style this fall.

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