9 Different Cat Halloween Costumes That Go Beyond Basic

With Halloween approaching faster than you can say pumpkin spice latte, your costume search has probably turned frantic. In times like these, it's often best to settle on one of the classic choices. May we suggest a cat?

Cats may be classic, but that doesn't mean your costume has to be boring. After all, throughout the animal kingdom and pop culture, the feline presents itself in many forms: sultry superhero cats, ferocious wild cats, harmless house cats, Instagram-famous cats, and beyond.

Whatever cat you choose to be, the great thing is that it can all be adjusted to meet your makeup skill level. Even if you're a total beginner who owns nothing but a black eyeliner pencil, there are still plenty of cat Halloween costumes for you. Same goes if you're a makeup virtuoso. Here, we've got felines for everyone.

Scroll through to see all of the different cat Halloween costumes and Halloween cat makeup that we're loving right now. 

House Cat

House cat costume
Jenny Mahneger

For the cat with an interest in expending the least amount of effort possible, go timeless. All you need is black and white eyeliner and a pair of ears. Try NYX Professional Makeup Mechanical Eye Liner Pencil ($5) which is available in both black and white.

Cheshire Cat

Feeling mischievous? The Cheshire Cat is the choice for you. This look requires just black and white face paint, a pair of spooky contacts, some ears, and a wig. If you're feeling ambitious, you can mimic this full-face, bloody teeth version, but Party Delights also has a full video tutorial for Cheshire Cat makeup.

Try using Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Liner in Ink ($28) and the ColourPop Creme Gel Colour in Exit ($7) if you would rather buy products you can use post-Halloween fun.


If you have the delicate painting skills to execute them, break out the tiger stripes. 


Lion costume
Zoe Mountford

Here's another one that takes a few products to execute. Just tease your hair as big as you can, whip out your black eyeliner and flared falsies (we like Huda's Classic False Lashes in Samantha, $20, for a cat eye look), and let your inner lioness roar this Halloween. To recreate, check out makeup guru, Desi Perkins similar lioness makeup look.


Cheetah costume

Feeling fierce? The cheetah is the feline for you. (It's one of the only big cats that purrs instead of roars.)

Snapchat Lion

Snapchat lion costume

Re-create that filtered glow with this clever makeup job. MAC's Glitter in Gold ($23) and about 800 layers of liquid liner are key to this look. (And NikkieTutorials has a full Snapchat lion makeup tutorial.)


The difference between leopard and cheetah spots is that a leopard's are bigger and more multicolored. (Elicia Aragon has a similar leopard makeup tutorial.)

Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat costume
Halloween Freebies

For the Halloween haters, we (lovingly) suggest Grumpy Cat. The grumpiest of cats is also one of the most lovable—which is why this costume will make you the best-liked cat at any party. (Melissa Bernard re-creates the Grumpy Cat look in her tutorial.)


Cat Woman costume

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a kick-ass, crime-fighting cat like Catwoman.

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