Cat Eye Nails Are Taking Over Our IG Feeds—Here Are 21 Ways to Wear the Trend

purple cat eye manicure


There are few things more striking than the marbly, mystical appearance within the eyes of our favorite feline friends. Shades of blue, green, brown, purple, gold, black, and amber combine in a swirly combination of an almost metallic appearance, complete with a striking dark pupil. So, like a true nail art aficionado would do—why not capture the viral cat-eye look on your own nails?

While leopard manicures may have long held a monopoly on nail art inspired by our favorite cats, perhaps it's time they step aside to let cat eye nails have a major moment.

To achieve the look of this gorgeous trend, a metallic, diagonal line runs across the nail, typically painted with different deep jewel tones, creating the mirror-like effect of staring straight into a cat's eyes. Most nail artists and at-home DIYers alike use magnetic nail polish to create the illusion, using the magnet as the final step to create the look. Ahead, our 21 favorite ways to wear femme, feline-inspired nail design.

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Green and Blue

Green and blue combine to create this deep, dark, almost celestial look.

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Beautifully Bronzed

Where brown meets bronze, this look is born.

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Blue and Bold

Royal blue and baby blue combine in this ocean-inspired color scheme.

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Black Cherry

Cat eye meets cosmic vibes in this black cherry hued masterpiece.

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Color Combo

Part cat eye, part gemstone. Black, mauve, and amber blend perfectly to create an optical illusion IRL.

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The prettiest shade of blue paired with the most perfect metallic line is sure to turn heads.

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Call it multicolored. Call it multichromatic. Whatever you call it, it's gorgeous.

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Golden Glitter

We're not sure what we love more, the glittery accent nail or the cat-eye look.

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Pretty in Pink

This deep magenta polish serves as a perfect backdrop for the lighter diagonal accent.

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Purrrfect Purple

This metallic purple mani is pretty purrrrfect if you ask us.

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Lines Only

With a nude base, this look uniquely encompasses the cat eye with the marbly color presentation on the actual line.

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Starry Night

Reminiscent of the sky at night, this deep blue, and cobalt combination is out of this world. (Literally.)

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The Speck Effect

This nail art takes the cat-eye inspo a bit further, with gorgeous reflective specks across the nail that add even more dimension and shimmer.

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Earthy Rainbow

The way these earthy tones combine in an almost rainbow-like line is truly mesmerizing.

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Jewels on Black

Selecting a color to use for this trend can be a little overwhelming — good thing we have 10 fingers. Opt for a different color on top of a black base to achieve this fun and funky look.

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Three's Company

The way this green, yellow, and purple combines? Yes, please.

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Green with Envy

The way this vibrant, deep emerald green reflect's light is what cat-eye nail dreams are made of.

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Dark and Stormy

What's not to love about the way this nail art reflects nearly every color of the rainbow, but in a low-key, galactic sort of way?

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Purple and Polished

The high-shine of this topcoat might catch your eye first, but the longer you look, the more mesmerizing this purple combination is.

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A Little Glitter

If you really want to kick things up a notch, swipe some glitter top coat on to finish the look and make it the perfect amount of extra.

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Gold and Taupe

Yellowy-gold and taupe may not be the first color combo that comes to mind for a manicure, but you can't deny just how pretty this final product is!

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