10 Casual Party Outfit Ideas for Those Who Live in Jeans

Casual Party Outfit Ideas with Jeans

Chelsea Mak/Design by Cristina Cianci

Given the past year, there may be a sense of excitement in the air that any event—a dentist appointment, an end-of-day stroll to your local wine shop–can be a cause for festive dressing. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking out the ballgowns if you’re more of a jeans person through and through. Instead, getting dressed up in creative, thoughtful ensembles can be as easy as one, two, three. That is, a jeans, top, and shoe combination that fits the party mood while staying true to your denim roots.

Ahead, we’ve compiled uncomplicated yet impressive casual party outfit ideas to wear for your next exciting outing, be it an impromptu picnic in the park, a neighborhood stroll with your significant other, or a belated housewarming party for a friend who moved into their apartment a year ago but only recently started accepting visitors. As promised, all these ensembles begin with the forever fashion staple—a pair of jeans—and yet, the result is 10 uniquely celebratory casual party outfits that together cover almost any occasion.

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Wide-Leg Jeans

Wide-leg jeans add drama to a casual party outfit with their flow and oversize shape. Pair them with a strappy sandal and bright cropped tank that will complement, but not compete with, the bold silhouette on the bottom.

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Monochromatic with a Twist

Pare back your color palette for a minimalist-chic result. In this case, coordinate white jeans with a subtly printed white tank. The icy blue heels break up the monochromatic look without being too matchy-matchy with the design of the ruched top.

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Robe Silhouette

For a touch of drama, style slim-fit jeans with a silky robe or wrap dress. This unconventional pairing will instantly feel more dressed up than your average denim ensemble—perfect for your next evening out.

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Statement Shoes

Coordinate a sleek black top and bottoms, then finish your look with a statement shoe. This casual party outfit idea is accessible, will never steer you wrong, and will get you out the door and off to your big (or small) night out in minutes.

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Printed Crop Top

For a look with major personality, try a printed crop top with a puff sleeve. Pair the cropped silhouette with streamlined, high-waisted jeans and a strappy heel. We especially love the woven texture and chain details of the shoe design, which works for day or night.

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Retro Modern

A vintage-inspired, taffeta top may make you think of retro prom dresses, but when you pair it with light-wash denim and mules, the result is fresh, playful, and completely modern.

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Stylish Sneakers

If you never tire of jeans and sneakers, you don’t have to stray too far for your next casual party outfit. Instead, simply zhuzh up your signature style with a wide-leg denim silhouette in a unique wash.

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Denim Shorts

As the weather gets warmer, let the denim hemlines come up and crop tops get a bit more breezy and voluminous. Add an easy, strappy sandal design with chunky heels for a look that will keep you comfortable and stylish all night long.

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Party-Ready Birkenstocks

If you prefer, forget heels all together and simply dress up some no-nonsense summer sandals—Birkenstocks, of course—with classic, straight-leg jeans and an elegant tunic top.

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Swimsuit as a Bodysuit

Make your wardrobe go a little further by using a minimalist black swimsuit as a bodysuit. When paired with loose-fit jeans and thong sandals, the result is a classic ensemble that’s summer-ready, comfortable, and effortless.

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