Can Castor Oil Help Your Eyelashes Grow? We Investigate

We recently investigated the hair-growing prowess of castor oil in the quest to having longer manes naturally. What we discovered was that hair and skin experts praise the oil for its mixture of proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants to nourish hair follicles and prevent pollutants from inhibiting growth. It also helps your other hair products to absorb better and is polarized, which helps it to attract dirt and grime like a magnet. Furthermore, its high content of ricinoleic acid helps improve circulation to the scalp to deliver oxygen and nutrients. The problem is, expert praise of castor oil's benefits ended there.

"Castor oil will not grow hair," cosmetic chemist and author Perry Romanowski told Allure earlier this year. "There is no evidence for it and no scientific theory supporting that it would work, so yes, it's a total myth." Yikes. So while the experts interviewed agree that castor oil is conditioning and protective for hair, they said the evidence is lacking in terms of helping hair to grow faster. That being said, one would assume that castor oil also wouldn't improve eyelash growth. But in the name of doing our due beauty diligence, we asked Dominic Burg, PhD and hair biologist and chief scientist for Évolis Professional for his thoughts.