Wow—Everyone Should Watch This Blogger’s Powerful Video on Body Image

Vlogger Cassey Ho has amassed millions of followers for her upbeat, positive Blogilates videos. Her videos get thousands of comments, mostly consisting of fans thanking her for her uplifting attitude and telling her about the amazing effect she’s had on their own healthy lifestyle choice. Others, however, are not so kind. Like celebrities, bloggers also contend with mean-spirited remarks from anonymous commenters, who spew out hateful things behind the security of a computer screen.  

That’s why we love this video from Ho, who decided it was time to stand up for herself (and anyone who’s ever experienced the harmful effects of body shaming), and create a video exposing just how much those anonymous words can hurt. Body shaming is never okay—and hiding behind a computer screen doesn’t make it less harmful.

Click above to watch the powerful video, and check out Ho's book here!