This Buzzy Brooklyn Facial Helped Me Feel More Centered

It targets your skin, mind, and body.

Carrie Lindsey Studio

Carrie Lindsey

I’m no stranger to a thorough moment of self-care. By that, I mean I have a detailed skincare routine, drink three liters of water daily, prioritize my mental and physical health—the list goes on. Part of that regular self-care routine includes trips to Carrie Lindsey Beauty, where I first learned about her energetic work. 

As a self-care advocate, I was thrilled and excited to try a treatment that combined my love of physical and internal care. When her newest service, “The Treatment,” was first offered, I immediately booked an appointment, and the results exceeded my expectations.

Below, I break down everything you need to know about Carrie Lindsey’s The Treatment.

What Is "The Treatment"?

Described as “therapy and a facial all in one,” The Treatment is an all-encompassing physical, emotional, and energetic experience. It begins with 15-20 minutes of guided meditation. You’re instructed to note any words, feelings, or even colors that come up through this process.

The most interesting part of the process was the number of unexpected sensations during my service, like tightness on my left side, for example, and the ongoing visual presence of purple with hints of yellow. After the service, Carrie and I spent a few minutes talking through the meditation and my experiences. Carries gentle energy and inviting spirit makes her service even more fitting, and made me feel comfortable to open up about my feelings.

Benefits of The Treatment

Aside from leaving Fort Greene feeling relaxed and cleansed, there were more obvious benefits of the treatment including vibrant skin and decreased anxiety. Since The Treatment is customized for each client, benefits vary based on each session. Still, each treatment features the following benefits:

  • Decrease in tension
  • Overall relaxed feeling with a greater connection to self
  • A greater understanding of your body, energy, and the ways in which the mind, body, and face connect

 “This treatment is for everyone, but it works best on those that want to get more into their bodies and out of their heads,” Carrie says. “It’s great for anyone with reoccurring or new pain in the body and we explore what the body is trying to communicate and how to best support it for healing." The purpose is to walk away feeling both physically and psychologically centered.

"The therapy will help people feel connected to their bodies by bringing consciousness to different areas that are holding or experiencing any pain or holding," Carrie explains. "The facial will address skin issues but also go deeper by connecting different parts of the face correspond to parts of the body." Carrie's goal is to go deeper than working topically with her clients. "The result is hopefully having clients leave feeling grounded, supported, and heard with body consciousness, all while having glowing skin.”

How To Prepare For The Treatment

While there is no official preparation required for The Treatment, anything you can do to help improve your mind-body connection would be beneficial. I wore comfortable clothes, did some deep breathing, and drank some herbal tea to put myself in a relaxed, open mindset before my service. 

What To Expect During The Treatment

The true experience of The Treatment is the work customized to each client’s feelings. My 45-minute custom facial featured LED light work, oil massage, and my first-ever intra-oral massage. The custom body work that followed paid particular attention to the areas I’d noted in my guided meditation. Carrie focused on my hands, feet, and left side—all places where I felt particularly energetic in one way or another. “Motion” was also a word that came to mind for me, so my body treatment emphasized massage techniques to help enhance circulation and overall movement in my body.

Hard as it is to beat a solid facial or massage, my favorite part of the entire 2.5-hour treatment was the end, where Carrie talked me through what she felt both physically and energetically in my body. She explained things about my existing concerns that we discussed in the mediation portion of the service. She also brought new things to my attention, like a throat chakra that needed opening or shyness in other parts of my body. I walked away with a greater awareness of myself and ideas on practices I could incorporate into my routine to help improve some areas in my life.


The after-effects of The Treatment are consistent with most facials and may include potential breakouts, minor redness, irritation, or dehydration. While I experienced none of these, Carrie advised me to stay hydrated and nourish my body for the following 24 hours to help release toxins and improve my overall post-treatment experience.

The Final Takeaway

Following The Treatment, I practiced deep breathing, listened to soothing music, and tried to maintain relaxation for as long as possible—including during my New York subway commute home. Though it’s been a few weeks since my experience, I can confidently say I’ve maintained better contact with my feelings in my mind and body. 

I’ve focused on the areas of my body that require attention and will continue to do so. Ultimately, the thing with The Treatment is that it’s a two-way street—while the facial, bodywork, and massage were incredible, the long-lasting effects are up to the client and their commitment to energy work, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

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