I Walked 15,000 Steps Ache-Free in These Ultra-Supportive, Comfy Sneakers

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Cariuma Oca High Sneaker Review

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I’m extremely picky when it comes to shoes. Not because I’m passionate about footwear, but because I have many requirements. They have to be cute enough to dress up or dress down, neutral so I can pair them with anything in my closet, and be comfortable enough to wear all day through commuting and walking. Because of this, I often give up on finding a sensible pick and just wear the same pair of white sneakers till they start falling apart—and then promptly replace them with an almost identical pair (and the cycle continues). 

But, I’m always on the hunt for comfortable sneakers, and lately, I’ve been wanting to try something a little different than what I’m used to. I decided to try Cariuma’s sneakers, as the brand claims that they’re specially designed for long-lasting comfort. The shoes that I picked, the Oca High in Brown Suede, have lightweight cushions in the sole as well as extra ankle support. I love that they have an old school, early 2000s style to them, but looking at them, I was honestly doubtful. They don’t necessarily look like they would have a lot of arch support, and they have a thicker platform sole. They reminded me of the high-top Converse sneakers, which while stylish and classic, become uncomfortable quickly on long walks.

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Brown Suede OCA HIGH


After I put them on, I loved how they looked and thought that they definitely matched my style. But, I was more interested in putting their comfort to the test. I wore them all day while viewing apartments (which were all in different neighborhoods, so I easily racked up about 15,000 steps). Because they’re high tops, I expected to have some discomfort around the ankle as the day went on, but I didn’t experience that at all. My feet tend to ache after walking long distances—even while wearing running shoes. I was so surprised that this didn’t happen with these as I kept walking, especially because they have completely flat soles. My feet felt completely comfortable all day.  And if high lows aren’t your preference, they are famous for their low top canvas and knit slip-on sneakers.

Charcoal Grey Suede OCA HIGH


Even though I was hesitant at first, the Cariuma sneakers are extremely supportive. After doing more research, I found that they have completely vegan insoles with built-in arch support and memory foam, which can explain why my feet stayed comfortable throughout the day. I also love that they’re made sustainably with the brand planting a tree for every sneaker purchased

With a great mission and an even greater product, I’ll definitely be adding more Cariuma to my collection.

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