Caress Just Pledged $1M to Help WOC Jump Start Their Businesses

Making dreams a reality.

iFundWomen Fireside Chat

 Caress x iFundWomen 

In 2020, it is unbelievable that your gender can still hold you back from succeeding in the business world. Times that by the color of your skin, and the probability of success gets unbelievably slimmer. Nothing unearths this ugly truth better than WOC who have unfortunately experienced the struggles of inequality like those on the panel of iFundWomen’s Fireside Chat.

“We've always had a funding gap. We've always had a pay gap,” Ana Flores, founder of We All Grow Latina, explained during the virtual meeting on Oct. 13. “Latina Equal Pay Day is coming on October 29, and we're still making 56 cents to the dollar that a white non-Latino man makes.”

For decades, white patriarchal views have left women-owned businesses severely underfunded. Sadly, this doesn’t even begin to unravel the systemic racism that plagues the Black and Latinx community on the daily. Thankfully, Caress and iFundWomen have heard the voices asking for an even playing field in finances.

“Caress believes every good idea should have a fighting chance,” iFundWomen Creator and General Manager, Olivia Owens shared before announcing Caress’ partnership with iFundWomen of Color to launch the Caress Dreams To Reality Fund. To assist WOC in their entrepreneurial endeavors, the beauty brand has committed to providing $1,000,000 to fund businesses for the next two years.

“We are proud to come together to support women of color not only with funding, but also with coaching, mentorship, and the connections they need to make their dreams a reality,” Owens continued.

Caress’s partnership with the popular crowdfunding site will also provide education, tools, and resources such as 1:1 coaching and six-month fundraising intensive on iFundWomen.

There’s no denying that funding coupled with education is the key to success, so are you in need of help to jumpstart your business venture? Submissions for the Caress Dreams To Reality Fund begins on Oct. 13 and ends on Nov. 13. 

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