Now Trending: Carbonated Face Masks

Another day off, another reason to mask up. It’s truly the quickest way to pamper ourselves at home, and you know we’re total suckers for convenience. If you are super into your masking ritual too, listen up: According to Harper’s Bazaar, there’s big buzz around a new trending mask in Korea—carbonation. Think of it as a deep clean and a powerful facial massage at the same time. The carbonation (the fizz that occurs in the formula) removes toxins from pores, creating a sensation that also plumps the skin. Sounds pretty good to us. We’ll stand by for more innovative products from Korea, but until then, no matter how you like to mask (while traveling, with detoxifying clay, or as you sleep), we scouted a bubbly mask option for you. Keep scrolling for three very different formulas worth checking out before your next at-home mask sesh.

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