It's True: Carbs Can Help Heal Your Hormones

Fad diets come and go, but there's one idea that seems to remain constant: the perception that carbs are bad. In fact, open a magazine, watch your favorite romantic comedy, or walk into any gym, and it's highly likely you'll internalize some kind of message regarding carbs and weight. More likely than not, it will have you second-guessing last night's empañadas—no matter how much you enjoyed them. But here's the thing, it shouldn't. True, too much of anything is never a great idea when it comes to feeling your best (and overloading on carbs is no exception), but starch, just like protein, and fat, is an essential part of any diet. So why the fear mongering?

While doing some research for a related health story, I came across numerous articles (written by industry-leading female experts) examining the relationship between carbohydrates and women's health. The consensus: Low-carb diets could have some less-than-stellar consequences, especially when it comes to our periods and hormones. However, as I dug around for more information, I became slightly disturbed. Little research has been done to see how low-carb diets impact our reproductive health, while a plethora of research has been done to see how these diets will help us lose weight. Eager to learn more, I reached out to Lara Briden, ND, who specializes in women's health (because we're not small men) and has more than 20 years worth of experience and clients under her belt.

Curious? Keep reading to learn how carbs can impact our hormone health.