The Best Cara Delevingne Hair Moments We've Seen So Far

Updated 12/10/17

It's no secret that any time Cara Delevingne steps out onto the red carpet she's sure to make a statement. Her makeup and getup (and famous eyebrows) are never short of striking, but oftentimes—especially lately—it's her hair that steals the show. Delevingne has long since made clear she can work every possible style, and to prove it, we've rounded up the best Cara Delevingne hair moments. We never know what to expect from the model and actress, who has worked everything from a platinum lob to a bright white pixie to a shaved head painted in silver and bedazzled with jewels.

Here are the coolest Cara Delevingne hair looks of all time.

Cara Delevingne short brown hair
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This Cara Delevingne hair look is a choppy medium-brown pixie that's equal parts chic and playful.

Cara Delevingne blonde pixie
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Prior to going brunette, the model and actress worked a blonde pixie cut that read a bit edgier.

Cara Delevingne platinum pixie
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For a Chanel fashion show, Delevingne's platinum white locks were a striking statement.

Cara Delevingne short hair
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When her buzzcut was first growing into a pixie, Delevingne worked a slicked-back look.

Cara Delevingne shaved head
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Delevingne surprised fans when she shaved her head for her upcoming movie Life in a Year in which she plays a young woman fighting cancer.

Cara Delevingne silver hair
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At the 2017 Met Gala, Delevingne painted her shaved head silver for an eye-catching, futuristic look.

Cara Delevingne blonde bob
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Leading up to shaving her head, Delevingne worked just about every length, including this layered bob.

Cara Delevingne lob
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Delevingne sported a lob for some time, wearing it in romantic curls or undone waves.

Cara Delevingne choppy lob
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Delevingne quickly became the queen of lob-length tousled texture.

Cara Delevingne long hair
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Pre-lob, Delevingne was known for her long blonde locks.

Cara Delevingne long blonde hair
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She typically wore her dark blonde hair in effortless waves.

Cara Delevingne bun
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She rarely wore her hair up unless it was for a fashion show.

Cara Delevingne hairstyle
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Even with long hair, Delevingne worked fashion-forward hairstyles like slicked-back sides.

Cara Delevingne natural hair color
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It's difficult to remember the time when Delevingne stuck to one hair look.

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