Cara Delevingne Is the New Face of Dior Skincare

Updated 04/28/19

Cara Delevingne is the woman with the eyebrows that launched a beauty revolution. Thanks to her, we don't even remember what our brows looked like pre-2013 (and that, my friends, is a good thing). She's basically the best friend of Karl Lagerfeld (and Choupette) after being featured in so many Chanel ad campaigns and runway shows, and now she's added "feature-film actress" to her résumé.

Sure, her runway departure and subsequent acting roles and book launch were surprising, but Delevingne is proving to us that she's all about the unexpected now that she's taken a departure (or at least a hiatus) from Chanel to become the new face of Dior Skincare. It was just announced today that she will front the new Dior Capture Youth campaign. Keep scrolling to get your first look at Delevingne's ad campaign and learn more about Dior's newest, most scientifically advanced skincare collection.


Here, Delevingne is pictured with her newly brunette pixie cut, giving the camera her familiar sultry gaze. The accompanying press release read, "A revolutionary top model, a committed woman and now a rising actress, Cara Delevingne is lending her modern beauty and sassy charisma to 'Capture,' for the launch of the brand new skincare line, 'Capture Youth,' created by Dior for women in their thirties." She joins the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid, Charlize Theron, and Natalie Portman, all of whom are also Dior spokespeople.

Delevingne isn't in her 30s. She's only 25 years old, to be exact, which may seem odd considering the line is meant for skin that's more mature than her own. But we're guessing Dior chose Delevingne to represent the new skincare line in part because it's based on preventative medicine. Dior, in collaboration with the Pierre et Marie Curie University (a prestigious French scientific university) developed the new Capture Youth skincare line to boost the skin's natural aging defense mechanism.


The natural defense system is called glyoxalase, and it protects the skin from the negative effects of pollution, fatigue, stress, and UV rays. Scientists discovered that the rich amount of antioxidants in iris flowers boosted glyoxalase activity by 17%, with skin antioxidant levels doubling two hours after Capture Youth application.

The collection features an age-defying cream and five different serums. These are meant to be mixed and matched, depending on individual and unique skin concerns. There's the Glow Booster Illuminating Serum, the Plump Filler Serum, the Matte Maximizer Serum, the Lift Sculptor Serum, and the Redness Soother. Clearly, Dior developed this line with almost every single skin concern in mind.

These products will become available in January 2018. So far, there's no word on their retail prices, though other Dior skincare products like our favorite Hydra Life Creme ($60) aren't too luxuriously expensive. We'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for new information, both from Dior and Cara Delevingne.

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