Cara Delevigne Just Debuted a Beachy Bob

So pretty.

Cara Delevigne with beachy waves


Hot take: the bob is the new bang. Bangs have always been the will-I-won't-I cut that we flock to when we want a total hair transformation, but thanks to stars like Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian Barker, and even Megan Fox, shorter bobs are now the most tempting cut on the menu. The latest celeb to take the leap into short hair territory is Cara Delevigne, who just debuted a beachy bob.

On April 3, Delevigne's hairstylist, Riawna Capri, posted a photo of the star wearing a cherry red blazer over a black scoop-neck top. Delevigne heralded in the bright spring vibes by matching her vibrant red smokey eyeshadow to her outfit, and added subdued accessories with a silver pendant necklace in the shape of a silhouette, plus a gold chain.

Although her outfit is enough to captivate us, Delevigne's new bob is definitely stealing the spotlight. Delevigne is well-known for wearing her tousled hair in lengthy "indie sleaze waves," but Capri gave the model a bob that ends just above her shoulders and features a slight side part. Although there aren’t choppy layers that can easily turn this cut into a mullet, Capri added face-framing layers and created feathered ends for a lighter feel. Celebrity hairstylist Ryan Richman then added subtle beachy waves to Delevigne's bob, adding even more dimension and creating a mermaid finish.

This beachy bob is similar to the "bedhead bob," but where the bedhead bob has seemingly no rhyme or reason to its bends and waves, Delevigne's bob features more cohesive beachy waves. Still, the main difference between the two looks is as simple as styling—so if you're in the market for Delevigne's mermaid bob, you can follow the tips for achieving bedhead bob.

“If you have finer hair with zero to very little texture to your hair, you're going to want to add longer layers to give you movement without removing much-needed weight,” Liz Rexroat, Davines artist and color and extension specialist at Bomane Salon in Beverly Hills, previously told Byrdie. “If you have medium to thick hair with little or medium texture, you want to add more ‘invisible layers’ to create movement.”

After nailing your desired cut, you can use a three-barrel curling iron to crimp the hair for a mermaid vibe. And if heat styling your hair doesn't sound up your alley, you can always add a beachy texture to your tresses with a texturizing sea salt spray.

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