This Dermatologist-Loved Humidifier Is Your New Winter Skin Savior

Plus, it's so cute to look at.

Canopy humidifier

If there's one thing 2020's been good for, it's the massive amounts of free time we found ourselves with. But even with all that extra time on our hands, we want to spend it on things like Zoom dates with friends and baking elaborate loaves of bread—not tiny but consuming tasks like cleaning the humidifier. Luckily, hydrated winter skin no longer has to come at the cost of cleaning schedules, clearing out filters, or (yikes) checking for mold.

Enter the Canopy Humidifier ($150), a compact humidifier here to not only take the chore out of owning a humidifier but also seriously save your skin from a season of brutal cold no cream can fully combat.

Canopy manages to combine the best features of other humidifiers in one extremely cute cream-and-pastel package perfect for home display. What really sets it apart, though, is the technology that goes beyond just keeping the filter fresh (though they offer subscription services for that, too). It starts with Canopy's signature technology, Smart Persistent Airflow (SPA), that keeps the humidity coming for as long as any water is detected in the system. That combined with a built-in UV LED light means no mold can grow, a problem typical of many other humidifiers by nature.

Canopy humidifier with aroma kit
Canopy Humidifier With Aroma Kit $150.00

Canopy follows it up with evaporative moisture distribution which means there's no visible mist, and an aroma diffuser for fragrance and essential oils. Plus, while supplies last, Canopy is offering a special free-with-purchase Vacation In a Box Aroma Kit that includes three lush fragrances inspired by destinations like Hakon, Japan; Whistler, Canada; and Tulum, Mexico. Since most people aren't traveling anywhere anytime soon, smelling like you're in an exotic locale is the next best thing.

The skin-hydrating aspect works like this: when air gets dry enough, like it does every winter, it pulls moisture from wherever it can—and that usually means directly from your skin, leaving you parched and irritated. By introducing more moisture into the room via a humidifier, you save your skin from being leeched of its own hydration. It's the same principle behind why you apply hyaluronic acid serums to a wet face. Drier skin leads to easier formation of fine lines, too, meaning the addition of a humidifier to your room can help put the brakes on some signs of aging, according to clinical studies. Lastly, hydrated skin also helps your skin better absorb those pricey skincare products you're splurging on, so you're conserving favorite creams and serums while maxing out their efficacy.

Hand using Canopy Humidifier


It's not just your skin that benefits, either. Humidifiers have been scientifically proven to help stave off the flu specifically, thanks to increased moisture that reduces the infectiousness of airborne flu particles. Combine that with the aromatherapy capabilities of Canopy, and you have a rare all-around product that's equally effective for both beauty, internal wellness, and meditation.

Faith Xue, Byrdie's editorial director, wasn't sure she believed the humidifier hype until her own Canopy was up and running. Now, she's a convert. "Pre-Canopy, I would wake up during the winter with a dry throat and parched-feeling skin. Post-Canopy, the dryness is gone—seriously," she says. "I can't believe how well this little guy works, and it's so cute that just looking at it makes me happy. It's my new winter skin savior."

With temperatures dropping every day, it might just be time to take matters—and moisture—into your own hands.

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