Candice Swanepoel Avoids These Foods Before a Photo Shoot

Getty/Michael Stewart

If we have an event coming up, we might try to be more health-conscious by sipping on green juices, hitting the gym a bit more, and (maybe) swapping that slice of pizza for a salad (but that's a hard maybe). However, if you're a Victoria's Secret model, prepping for a big photo shoot or a runway show is a much more rigorous task (aka post-pizza bloat is gravely avoided). So what does Candice Swanepoel eat before a big day in front of the camera lens? Turns out it's not so much what she does eat, but more so what she avoids.

"I reduce my salt and sodium intake like soy sauce, for example," Swanepoel tells French Vogue. Sodium is our lifeblood, but if cutting down for the sake of our health (and perhaps a slimmer figure) is necessary, we'll subdue our salty cravings. 

Swanepoel also omits wheat from her breakfast menu and instead says "yes" to smoothies filled with skin-enhancing ingredients like oils, collagen powder, and antioxidant-rich fruits.

Another lifeblood of ours? Coffee, but it's actually something Swanepoel has sworn off. "Although it was difficult at first, I have quit drinking coffee completely, and now that I'm not dependent on it, I feel a lot more energetic without the ups and downs." Since we often clutch our morning coffee like it's the last cup to ever be made, we're surprised that she's been able to forego it given her busy schedule. But we're well aware that a coffee detox can do a world of good. Thinking of giving up coffee, too? You can give your skin a dose of caffeine instead with Origin's Ginzing Refreshing Face Mask, $26.

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