A Young Cancer Survivor Tells Us 8 Beauty Ingredients She'll Never Use Again

Before I was diagnosed with cancer at age 21, I was doing my best to live a natural and nontoxic life. I was about 19 when I made the decision to remove leads, aluminums, and sulfates from my daily routines and household products. At the same time, I was also discovering the benefits of a nontoxic and whole-food diet, so I decided to remove MSG, food coloring, and high-fructose corn syrup. I was in the process of continuing to educate myself on toxic beauty/household/food products and how to make a total transition into a completely nontoxic home. After being diagnosed with lymphoma, I had a lot of motivation and understanding of how these products can directly correlate to my health and their long-term side effects even more than I thought I did before.

I don’t necessarily believe that if one lives 100% nontoxic, they won’t get cancer, but I believe that it will affect how they handle the treatment and their long-term side effects, including secondary cancers and chances of relapse. These nontoxic products will not just protect us from cancers but will also protect us from countless other health concerns like acne, insomnia, allergic reactions, and much more. I can also 100% say that I notice an immediate difference in my day-to-day life when I’m exposed to toxic chemicals.

A common mistake people make when they start this transition into nontoxic is that they try to go down just an all-natural route. While it’s important to consume natural products, it’s important to know that not all natural products are nontoxic!

But here are eight toxic products that I consistently make sure to avoid (and products you should buy instead)!