These 13 Simple Changes Will Help You Grow New Adult Brain Cells



I've always been under the impression that once we reach adulthood, our brains stop producing new cells. I pictured a brain, which was once a lava lamp of amorphous nerves connecting and disconnecting in a constant state of flux all throughout adolescence, reaching the magical endpoint of adulthood and suddenly lying stagnant, with cobwebs collecting in the corners. Sure, I took some creative license with the imagery, but I truly believed that the brain stopped cell production somewhere in our late teens/early-20s.

According to neurologist Ilene Ruhoy, MD and PhD, in an article from MindBodyGreen, the adult brain can, in fact, generate healthy new cells. It just has to be in the perfect environment to do so. Keep scrolling to see 13 changes you can make to encourage your brain to produce brand new cells (hint: they're pretty simple).