The Truth About Dyeing Your Hair When You Are Pregnant

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When it comes to pregnancy, as a mom-to-be, you want to do everything you can to ensure your baby is safe, and your pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible. The trouble is that there are so many contradictory points of view about many aspects of carrying a child, especially on the internet, that it can all become seriously confusing and overwhelming fast.

Now, we’re not a parenting website, so we’re not about to delve into the merits of breast milk versus formula (oh no), but what we can help you with is the matter of whether or not it’s safe to dye your hair when pregnant. To get to the root of this old wives’ tale and to find out whether there is any truth in it, we called on Melanie Smith, creative master colorist at Josh Wood Colour to set the record straight on the subject once and for all.

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Fact or Fiction?

We had expected to get a long-winded answer when we asked Smith whether pregnant women should avoid dyeing their hair. Her response? A simple, “No.” Adding, “this is really such an old wives' tale, but there’s no basis to it. It is completely safe to dye your hair when pregnant.”

Yes, hair dyes are chemicals but very little of it, if any, gets into our system during the process.

So now that you know you can have your hair dyed when you’re pregnant will you want to? While it’s great to have some downtime, sitting in a salon chair might not be the most relaxing if you’re super pregnant. Sam Silver, Stylist's beauty director and co-founder of the website This Is Mothership said, “During my pregnancy, I booked in for shorter color appointments for quick-fixes like a touch of balayage to brighten up my color which took under an hour.

“This was much more comfortable than sitting for hours in the chair with a large bump and meant I wasn’t in the salon for too long breathing in the fumes.”

If you’re chained to the idea of highlights but don’t want to keep up the commitment when you’re pregnant or as a new mom, then Smith recommends asking your hairdresser for an ombre look “root pull,” which involves blending your root color further down your hair.

“This blends into the blond nicely and is more low maintenance, as you would match the root color to your own natural color as closely as possible. I’d recommend using Wella Colour Touch. It’s not a permanent color so roots don’t show through, it’s super glossy, super shiny and kind to the hair.”

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