11 Camping Outfits That Make an Outdoorsy Style Statement

Practical, but make it fashion.

Camping Outfits Ozma of California

Ozma of California

Stylish camping outfits might sound like an oxymoron, but even the most technical gear can look chic when pieced together with a fashion person’s eye. That’s right: Everything from moisture-wicking tops and bottoms to Gore-Tex shoes and water-repellent layers can appear stylish with a bit of foresight (and a baseline understanding of functional pieces to withstand the elements). 

Whether you’re a bonafide adventurer or outdoorsy novice, there are a few camping outfits you’ll want to pack for any trip, whether in the woods, desert, or lakeside. First, you’ll want versatile exploring attire you can wear on hikes—perhaps you'll want to be prepared for climbing, a bit of boating, skiing, fishing, or sunbathing. Workout attire is crucial for active campers, too, whether you prefer compressive separates or an assortment of trail pants, shorts, and tees. And if you're here looking for the most fashionable camping looks, you might want a matching set for outdoor yoga or a run. 

For early mornings and hangouts at the campsite, you’ll definitely want some cozy layers—think hoodies, flannels, and insulated puffers—plus warm extras like socks and thicker pants to combat the chill. Whether you’re hiking or not, tread soles and waterproof footwear always come in handy, as do slip-ons for around the campsite. And let’s not forget sun protection—from hats to polarized sunglasses and long sleeves, you’ll want to keep your skin and eyes protected (always in addition to a thick coating of sunscreen, of course). 

Ready to shop? Ahead, find 11 stylish camping outfits to pack for your next outdoor adventure.

A Windbreaker, Bike Shorts, and Gore-Tex Boots

A windbreaker is always a good idea when camping—you never know when the weather will change—and you can't beat a cute, color-blocked option like this one from Tory Sport. To stay cool while traversing around your campsite, team yours with bike shorts and Gore-Tex hiking boots.

A Flannel, Joggers, and Duck Boots

You couldn’t possibly go camping without a flannel—it’s pretty much required attire in the outdoors. From morning coffee to after-dinner s'mores, it’s the perfect layer with cozy joggers and duck boots at the campsite.

A Crop Top, Shorts, and Waterproof Sneakers

For daytime activities in the heat, a cropped tank and shorts are comfy-cool camping outfit staples. For walks by the stream or lakeside excursions, waterproof sneakers are a sure win.

A Tank Top, Trail Pants, and Hiking Boots

It doesn’t get more practical when hitting the trails than made-to-trek pants, particularly with extra design value (peep the lace-up detailing on this lightweight, moisture-wicking, water-repellent pair). Of course, coordinating hiking boots are a must, with a tonal tank top to finish. 

A Workout Onesie, a Hiking Pack, and Wool Socks

Activewear trendsetters know it’s all about the workout onesie right now. Rock yours for an outdoor camping adventure with moisture-wicking wool socks and a functional pack.

Long Sleeves, Denim Shorts, and a Cap

Denim shorts may not be a technical essential, but they’re plenty practical for a camping outfit while hanging outdoors. Toss on a loose-fitting long sleeve shirt and a baseball cap to keep your skin protected while looking on point.

A Sweatshirt Dress, Socks, and Rain Boots

Hoodies are a camping outfit classic—level up the vibe by opting for a sweatshirt dress instead, then finish with cozy socks and rain boots in damp terrain. 

A Workout Set and Sunglasses

For the active camper, the matching workout set is a must for yoga, a run, or hiking. Also crucial: Polarized sunnies for maximum eye protection (bonus points for a monochromatic palette).

A Hoodie, Long Shorts, and Boots

Camping outfits are all about comfy style with practical elements. Enter: The hoodie, long shorts, and boot combo—all three pieces function well on their own but make an effortless statement in tandem.

An Insulated Jacket, Warm Pants, and Shearling Slides

Prepare for cold-weather camping by packing ultra-warm pieces like an insulated jacket and pants. For effortless campsite style, shearling-lined slides are a must-have, especially with socks.

A Rain Jacket, Waterproof Pants, and a Moisture-Repellent Hat

No matter the location, it’s always best to anticipate wet weather when planning camping outfits. Look and feel prepared in a water-repellent bomber jacket, pants, and a wide-brimmed hat.

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