How to Keep Fresh-Faced While Camping (or Glamping)


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Growing up in the Pacific Northwest and attending a school whose motto was "Experience Education," I had outdoor activities literally built into the curriculum. From kayaking trips on the Puget Sound to whitewater rafting on the John Day River and rock climbing in the Mojave Desert, I was fulfilling school credits up and down the coast. But as soon as I headed out east for college, my wilderness ways came to an abrupt end to be replaced by big city living and I hadn't looked back since—until recently.

Now ten years out of high school and living back on the west coast for the first time, I've found myself longing to add outdoor adventuring back into my pastimes. But while I dream of roughing it again in Joshua Tree, my now city-girl self requires baby steps to ease back into the great outdoors. Currently, sans any sense of how to pitch a tent or even survive a few days without washing my face, I've found glamping to be a lovely middle ground. My recent days off have found me adventuring in the canyons of Topanga just north of L.A., taking up residence in a treehouse or an Airstream trailer perched on a cliff's edge. Though my trips are short, the challenges the "bare" living conditions have posed to my beauty routine are notable, and I've come away from weekends a wiser wilderness-seeking beauty editor.

Keep scrolling to study up on the seven beauty rules I learned while glamping.

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