How to Calm Every Part of Your Daily Routine

I recently spoke with a general practitioner who was lamenting over the lack of interest in preventative care in today's society. She explained that for most (finances aside), scheduling a physical isn't a top priority and that it's only when someone is already sick that they go to the doctor. There may be a low interest in being proactive with your health as it relates to Western care, but in terms of trendy holistic practices, they're more popular than ever, especially among the millennial crowd. I asked the doctor why she thought this was the case, and she said, put simply, there's an overwhelming desire to be calm. We're constantly being pulled in different directions every day and battling outside forces that the promise of easing our mind through crystals, or Reiki, or meditation is alluring. This same principle is transcending skincare, too—we're seeing more "calming" products pop up, particularly with the aim of barrier repair. So while factors beyond our control may be imparting stress both internally and externally, in today's world, when things seem more stressful than ever, the resources to calm them are abundant. Take a look at some of our favorite whole-body calming products below.

For more calming tips, try these four surefire tricks.

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