Here Are the Beauty Products to Shop in Order to Support Wildfire Relief Efforts

The now-infamous Southern California wildfires (otherwise known as the Woolsey Fire) are still raging on. As residents of Los Angeles, we can attest to this. Though our office is far from the threat of the flames, we've smelled the smoke and seen the red haze cover the sky. So even though some evacuation notices have (thankfully) been lifted, the devastation caused to the communities of L.A. and Ventura counties is nothing short of horrific. Some people lost their pets, some lost their homes, and some even lost their family members.

As such, relief efforts are in full force. There are a number of different organizations that you can donate to directly. (Click here to see more information about verified charities and outreach centers.) Yet why not help in other ways, too? Namely by giving some love to a few specific beauty brands that are donating a percentage of their sales to the cause? Keep scrolling to see the beauty brands that are supporting wildfire relief efforts.