18 Ways to Rock a Caesar Haircut for a Modern Classic Look

Try one of the most time-honored hairstyles.

Caesar Haircut Ideas Zac Efron

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The Caesar haircut, named for Julius Caesar himself, can undoubtedly be called a timeless style, having been around since the first century. But despite its timelessness, the Caesar can also be quite trendy; many men opt to combine the classic look with modern elements from other fade styles.

Also known as a Roman haircut, the Caesar has evolved with the times and is a staple of barbershops and salons, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding someone who can give you a good one. It's also rumored that Caesar used this cut to minimize the look of his receding hairline, and the style is still used similarly by men today, so if you’re getting a bit thin up top but aren’t ready to let the world know it, the Caesar haircut may be an excellent option for you. 

The Caesar haircut is a classic short cut with bangs. It starts with short hair on the sides, back, and top, and the hairstyle is then styled by brushing the top forward to accentuate the fringe.

If you’d like to try the look out for yourself but are unsure of which direction to go in with it, look no further. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 18 different ways you can style the classic Caesar haircut for modern times.

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High Fade Caesar

Man with Caesar haircut with faded sides


This close fade is high on the head, bringing the Caesar haircut front and center. The top of the hair is a classic shorter Caesar style.

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Caesar with Full Beard

Man with Caesar haircut and full beard


Keep the sides tapered short between the hair and the beard to achieve this look's maximum effect.

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Messy and Textured

Another modern take on the style, use a light wax to style and texture your haircut to have a slightly messy appearance.

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Dark Caesar

Man with clean-cut textured Caesar haircut


This style is an excellent option for textured or naturally wavy hair. Make sure to use clippers on the hairline and cut with the grain.

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Caesar with Fringe

Have your barber cut a few strands of hair longer than others for the classic fringed Caesar look.

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Caesar with Temp Fade

Man with short, curly Caesar haircut


Have the barber shape up the hair around your temples for a contemporary look that looks especially sharp on natural textures.

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Short Caesar with Skin Fade

Keep the hair up top shorter and style it with some pomade while rocking a skin fade on the sides for another modern take on the classic.

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Simple with Fade

Keep the top of your hair a classic Caesar length while using a short but not too short guide for the sides. A #2 guard will do nicely.

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For Thinning Hair

This Caesar haircut is an excellent option for those with thinning hair. Leave the fringe a bit longer in the front and opt for a higher, closer fade to help conceal balding spots.

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Sharp and Precise

DJ Khaled wears a Caesar haircut with precise edges

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For this variation, keep hair short on both the top and sides, but have your barber perfectly line up the forehead and sides for a clean look.

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Long Fringe

A good option for thicker hair, this Caesar haircut will give you more styling options as well. Be sure to keep the sides a bit longer for a more natural look.

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Curly Caesar

Boy with curly Caesar mohawk haircut with blonde tips


If you love the Caesar look but want to still show off your natural curly texture, keep a lot of length throughout the top of the head and gradually taper down the sides. Add a bit of color for a more intense look.

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Layered and Messy

This layered and messy Caesar haircut is a cool alternative to the traditionally clean-cut variations. A gradual taper down the sides gives this a more natural look.

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Spiked Caesar

Zayn Malik wears a long, spiked Caesar haircut and glasses

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For this variation on a Caesar haircut, use a bit more gel to hold the fringe up and give it some texture. Keep the sides short with a skin fade for contrast.

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Side Swept

Zac Efron wears a longer, side-swept Caesar haircut with gradual fade

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Zac Efron is one of the more notable celebrities as of late to wear a Caesar, and he can frequently be seen with his bangs swept to the side and a gentle taper down the sides.

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Layered Caesar

Top view of intricately layered men's Caesar haircut


Have your barber cut the top portion in different levels to achieve the layered look. This slightly bolder Caesar haircut will call for a skin fade on the sides to bring all the attention to the top.

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Faux Hawk Caesar

To achieve this look, keep the hair on the top portion of the head a bit longer and use a wax or gel to style into a mohawk. Use a gradual fade on the sides for a clean look. This is a great style for an older man who wants to try the style out.

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Bowl Cut Caesar

This Caesar style features an undercut that gives the bowl shape on top and is a great look for those with straight hair.

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