Exclusive: Byredo's New Makeup Campaign Is the Wildest Thing You'll See Today



In the world of luxury fragrance, Byredo holds a special place. Its beloved signature scents like Gypsy Water and Mojave Ghost have become cult favorites among influencers, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. So, word of a Byredo makeup launch on the way is huge. The European brand shared the exciting news exclusively with Byrdie:

“Byredo announces the launch of its makeup brand in collaboration with Isamaya Ffrench. Byredo Founder, Ben Gorham, and creative artist, Isamaya Ffrench, will release a makeup collection of beautifully crafted and curated makeup artefacts, which marries the Byredo excellence with color exploration.”

Byredo also shared the exclusive campaign imagery with us, and we have so many thoughts. Take a look below.

 Jesse Kanda/ Byredo

What could this mean for the makeup line? We’re just as puzzled as you. However, we do have a few predictions given our limited knowledge of the extremely under-wraps launch that goes live October 1.

For those who don't know, Isamaya Ffrench is a British makeup artist/visionary and creator of wearable art. Her art takes various forms, from majestic prosthetic earpieces to covers for Vogue (this Rihanna cover is one of our favorites). She's known for her mesmerizing, textural makeup looks and frequently works with the likes of Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and more.

Jesse Kanda is an animator, musician, and the artist behind the campaign image. He’s created other works with alien-like features. Could extraterrestrial beauty be the trend for F/W 2020? Weirder things have happened this year...

Our last prediction: upon first glance at the campaign, we immediately thought the image looked like a heat scan. Could Byredo be trying to make "heat scan makeup" a thing? Or perhaps the colors in the collection would be reflective of the greens, yellows, and reds you'd find a heat scan? We can already envision the vibrant tutorials to come...

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