Byredo’s New Eyeshadow Palettes Are Almost Too Pretty to Use (Almost)

A first look at Byredo's eyeshadow palettes.

Byredo 5 Colour Compact


Quick self-evaluation: How many items in your makeup drawer can double as chic home decor? If the answer is "none to very few" then it might be time to consider an eyeshadow palette so beautiful, it wouldn't look out of place in a cabinet of Ancient Roman artifacts at the Met. 

Meet Byredo's Eyeshadow 5 Colour Compacts ($70), a trio of elaborately-packaged palettes each housing five shades arranged by theme and occasion.

Each shade's individual packaging is expressly designed to accommodate a finger's width to encourage hands-on application, but also work just as well when blended out with a soft brush. "Makeup used to have a kind of repetitive palette but now there is so much freedom in colour and its use," writes Isamaya Ffrench, avant-garde makeup artist and Byredo collaborator, in the press release. "I wanted to design collections that actually connect to a story."

Sciomancer, the boldest and brightest of the three compacts, draws inspiration from chaotic glam rocker Yves Tumor. Accordingly, the glamorous golden shell holds one of the brightest metallic purples I've ever seen, sandwiched among equally-shocking shades like electric blue and shimmery orange.

Byredo Sciomancer eyeshadow
Byredo 5 Colour Compact in Sciomancer $70

Syren comes next in the lineup with a wistful, spring-y combination of golden greens, bold pinks, and shimmery bronzes described by Byredo as hypnotically feminine. 

Byredo eyeshadow in Syren
Byredo 5 Colour Compact in Syren $70

And for a more subdued look, there's the appropriately-named Corporate Colours palette serving up natural color combinations that subtly enhances all eye colors with warm, earth-toned minimalism that won't distract from a boardroom presentation.

Byredo Corporate Colours
Byredo 5 Colour Compact in Corporate Colours $70

The gilded shadow shells join the fragrance house's growing collection of makeup products in collaboration with Ffrench, all of which combine unconventional, artistic packaging with significant color payoff. 

Eyeshadow 5 Colours are now available in all Byredo stores in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, and Taiwan, online at, and through select partners.

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