Byredo Brings the Drama With Its New Vegan Mascara

Maximum impact.

Model Wearing Byredo Mascara with Thick, Full Lashes


Mascara is my desert island makeup. I don't care that nobody will see my long, gorgeous lashes when I'm washed ashore; I want them all the same. That said, I take my mascara trial runs very seriously—I can't be stranded with just any formula. Fortunately, Byredo's Astronomical Mascara ($46) can hold its own even among the harshest critics.

This high-performance mascara is built for drama. Jet black, volumizing, and made to hold a curl, Astronomical Mascara is all about impact—and so is its packaging. A chic, ergonomic design that looks just as good in my makeup bag as the mascara does on my lashes.

No matter how fluttery you want to go (in my opinion, the more fan-like, the better), this mascara is designed to meet you there. With one coat, it'll give you a little volume and thickness. With several, it'll give you major drama, sans the clumps. It's completely customizable. That said, it mirrors Byredo's general approach to their beauty collection: "autonomous, experimental, and proudly individual."

Below, get all the details on the new Astronomical Mascara, and read our honest review.

Astronomical Mascara

Best For: Lashes

Price: $46

Product Claims: Long-lasting and sweat-resistant formula that curls and thickens lashes

Why We Love It: Dramatic, non-clumping formula and curved application wand

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The Inspiration

With everything they make—candles, perfume, and yes, makeup, Byredo focuses on luxury. "Byredo is reinventing the world of luxury through a new approach, where creation is led by emotions, expressing a full and limitless brand universe," their website explains. Their Astronomical Mascara is designed to be as high-end as the rest of their collection, and using it should feel just as luxe.

The packaging itself is elegant, but it doesn't just look good. Applying the mascara also has the feel of a true experience you can luxuriate in, rather than just another step in a long makeup routine. (And don't even get me started on the ever-so-satisfying click when the bottle closes.)

As the brand explains, "We believe that through creativity, we are able to develop timeless products, both meaningful and inspirational, to people and their lives." This mascara is designed to become another "timeless" piece in that puzzle.

Byredo Mascara
Byredo Astronomical Mascara $46.00

The Formula

If you want fully mascara-ed lashes sans the clumps, there are two things you need to pay attention to: the formula and the wand. Byredo's formula is vegan and designed for a smooth application. Going on, it's lightweight, but the effect is anything but. Long-lasting, sweat-resistant, and humidity-resistant, this mascara formula is for all-day makeup wearing.

Byredo designed the applicator wand with just as much care. The silicone bristles and curved shape help to separate, coat, and fan out every lash for maximum effect.

My Review

Byrdie Writer Wearing Byredo Mascara Outside

Hannah Kerns

As I said, I love mascara—so much so that I often fall into the (not great) habit of over-applying until all that is left of my lashes are stubby black spikes. In my experience, it only takes one swipe for it to go from "almost there" to total disaster. I always assumed it was user error, never pausing to consider that it might be the mascara's fault.

Byredo's Astronomical Mascara, however, showed me that I was giving other formulas way too much credit. With the right mascara, a heavy hand is no sweat. Using the Astronomical Mascara, each layer went on as easily as the first. Since the brush separated every lash every time, they simply refused to clump despite getting thicker, longer, and darker with each coat. I loved the drama of it all, and this mascara has easily become my go-to if I ever get cast on Survivor and am stranded on an island to fend for myself.

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