We Need Your Help: What Are the Skincare Products You Can't Get Over?

We're so excited for the month of July and not just because summer is officially in full gear and many beach days abound, but because it's the start of Byrdie Beauty Awards. Throughout the month, we'll be sharing the top makeup, skincare, and hair products in each category. But there's one stitch—we need your help to bring them to life. After all, it's you, the reader, whose feedback we value infinitely, and we want, nay, need to know which launches, old and new, you're most excited about.

First up is all things skincare. From the best serums to the best retinols to the cleansers you use until the last drop, we're asking for your hero products. Simply fill out this Google form and we'll tally all the votes and share the results in an upcoming Byrdie story. It won't take more than five minutes tops (we promise), and we so appreciate your feedback. Ready, set, go!