16 Beauty Things We Can't Stop Talking About This Month

Because our jobs are taxing and arduous, we Byrdie editors spend a lot of time trying new beauty products—and then judging them harshly. (Kidding, of course… about the arduous part, not the judgment part. You know how choosy we are about beauty.) But because so much of a beauty editor's job is to report on the newest trends and technologies, we don't always get the chance to chat with our readers casually about what we're using and loving in our personal lives at the moment.

That's where this list comes in. Every month, we're going to take a minute to spill about what beauty and wellness endeavors we're digging in real time. These products and practices might not be new or particularly hip, but they are genuinely what we're talking about in the office and what we recommend you try too. Nothing's off the table: weird makeup techniques, sleep devices, fitness habits, Instagram accounts, even theoretical ideas. If we're loving it, we'll be talking about it here. Keep scrolling to discover the beauty favorites on our minds this month.