This Limited-Edition Collection Is Every Beauty Girl's Dream

Beauty friends, we have very exciting news. As you know, we test and review products all year long. Some products we like; some products we love (and some we’re underwhelmed with, but we prefer to focus on the positive). Well, for the first time ever, we’ve taken all of those products in the “love” category, and narrowed it down to seven of our favorites in order to bring you The Review by Byrdie. A limited-edition, curated collection of the beauty products we’re obsessed with right now, all in one (totally giftable) package. It’s a mix of full- and travel-size makeup, skin, and hair products—all hand-picked from the brands we trust most. We’ve done the hard part for you—yes, narrowing down our top picks to just seven essentials was hard work. And now you can shop that Ilia highlighter you’ve heard so much about and the Oribe texture spray you’ve been dying to try with just one click. P.S. It's on sale for $80 right now. 

For all the details (and to purchase) on this limited-edition set, including our reviews on all the products, check out The Review by Byrdie!

Opening image: Kat Borchart