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Updated 05/02/19

Welcome to the second annual Byrdie/Curated Beauty Awards. Last year, we brought you our exclusive edit of the very best in skincare, makeup, hair, fragrance, and wellness, and it is our greatest pleasure to introduce you to a completely new curation of winners across every category again for 2018. 

We know that you are educated, selective, and constantly on the hunt for the next greatest thing in beauty. That's where we come in. It's always been our goal to shine a light on brands and products that not only look and feel great, but deliver on results, and make you feel good. Because isn't that what beauty is all about? Our very own team of editors and one of our valued readers have been intensely trialing some of the greatest launches of the last 12 months, because, frankly, you guys deserve to read about only the best. 

Just as we did in 2017, this year's winners are again broken into personalized categories, because "one size fits all" is absolutely not a thing any more. So whether you're interested in foundation for sensitive skin, a serum that will combat oiliness, or a holy grail shampoo for coloured hair, this is exactly where you're going to find it (and add it directly to your cart, because we're all about that convenience life). So without wasting any more time, we hope you enjoy all of the winners (!!) below. 

Keep scrolling for the full list of Byrdie / Curated winners in haircare.

Byrdie Curated Beauty Awards 2018
Stephanie Squadrito for Byrdie Australia



Best Shampoo for Normal Hair
La Biosthetique Botanique Intense Shampoo and Gentle Conditioner $36

This herbal-scented shampoo and spray-in conditioner [not pictured] duo is pure magic for everyday Janes. A natural bevvy of ingredients means they don't lather like traditional formulas, but you can expect your hair to be clean, lightly hydrated, and full of volume. 


Best Shampoo for Coloured Hair
Olaplex Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No.5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner $50

If you bleach your hair, you're probably familiar with Olaplex. (If not, it's an in-salon treatment that strengthens bonds in weak or fragile strands.) Just when we thought we couldn't love the brand any more, they went and launched a shampoo and conditioner. Hydrating, smoothing, and strengthening, it's a godsend for coloured hair. 


Best Shampoo for Dry Hair
Davines Love Curl Shampoo & Conditioner $36

Curly hair is, by default, drier than other hair types, but that doesn't mean this hydrating formula can't be used by anyone else. The sweet-smelling formula cleanses without stripping, and the matching conditioner [not pictured] hydrates and smooths out fluffy bits.


Best Shampoo for Oily Hair
Oribe Serene Scalp Balancing Shampoo $66

Whilst this shampoo is designed for scalp care, the light formula makes it perfect for oilier hair types, too. It soothes irritation at the roots, and removes grime and product build-up without irritating your skin. Plus, the pink packaging is a dream. (Don't act like you didn't notice.)



Best Hair Treatment for Normal Hair
Starskin Coco-Nuts Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil Hair Mask $15

Like the hot oil masks you used in high school (just us?), this treatment is designed to be applied pre-shampoo and left in to do its thing for a bit before you cleanse. It smells like a Hawaiian vacay, hydrates ratty ends, and adds incredible shine. 


Best Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair Kérastase Reflection Masque
David Mallet Mask No.3: LA COULEUR $104

Whilst pricey, this lush formula is heaven for dry hair that's been subjected to years of colouring. It helps to seal the cuticle to prevent fading, and balances pH for extra-glossy colour. Your strands will look fresher for longer, making it a great investment. 


Best Hair Treatment for Coloured Hair
L'Occitane Intense Repairing Mask $40

"This smelt beautiful. I loved that it was a three-minute mask and gave my hair moisture without weighing it down. It definitely felt thicker and smoother once I rinsed and styled."

- Erin Maxwell, INF / Network Member and judge. 


Best Hair Treatment for Oily Hair
Davines The Wake-Up Circle Hair and Scalp Day After Recovery Mask $17

An exfoliating hair treatment, this mask is gritty which might seem strange until you experience its purifying, scalp-refreshing powers. Massage a small handful into your scalp and hair to remove gunk and product build-up. Expect: clean roots, renewed volume, and shampoo ad-shine. 


Best Dry Shampoo
Evo Water Killer Dry Shampoo for Brunettes $38

"I am a big fan of Evo as the brand has so many great products. This is one of them! The brunette shade of the tinted powder is a game changer, and when used on day-old hair, it definitely did its job. They also make a classic version for lighter hair types."

-Erin Maxwell, INF / Network Member and judge. 


Best Hairspray R+Co Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray
Windle & Moodie Light Shine $47

This nondescript can houses one of the lightest hairsprays we've tried. No crunch and no tacky finish, just natural-looking shine and subtle hold. Because the mist is uber-fine you'll find your styles last a heck of a lot longer, too.


Best Volumising Product David Mallett Volume Powder
Original & Mineral Rootalicious Root Lift Mousse $35

A reformulation of O&M's cult Rootalicious mousse, expect the same volume-boosting power, now with an even better finish. It's not sticky, disappears seamlessly into hair as it dries, and gives roots natural-looking oomph. Even the scent is luxe.


Best Smoothing Product
Evo Headmistress Cuticle Sealer $33

If you're a sucker for a high-gloss blowdry, this cuticle-sealing balm is essential. (Ain't nothing can ruin a polished 'do like ratty ends.) It smooths out baby hairs, and knocks back frizz like a boss, but never feels greasy or wet. Thank you, Evo, for achieving the impossible. 


Best Anti-Dandruff Treatment
Oribe Serene Scalp Soothing Leave-On Treatment $69

Unlike many other dandruff products (most—let's be honest), this treatment is a joy to use. Packed with skincare ingredients like BHAs and essential oils, it nixes flakes, and wards off potential dryness. It works equally well on dry or damp hair. 


Best Texturising Product
David Mallet Gold Dust $89

David Mallett continuously gifts us with gold-standard hair care and styling options, but this product is really something else. Think of it as the brand's OG texturising dust, made a little bit extra. It delivers grit, French-girl texture, and just the right amount of iridescent shine, too. 


Best Hair Tool
Remington Air 3D Hair Dryer $199

"This hairdryer is the every woman’s option if you’ve been thinking about upgrading but are unsure whether to spend the money on some of the more high end ones. It has a smooth conditioning technology which is really effective, and it is super light to hold. Good power and three attachments including a diffuser. Portable for travel and comes with a travel bag and hook for hanging. Sometimes it is the small things! And of course, aesthetically beautiful for our #shelfies."

- Alison Rice, INF / Network Member, and judge. 


Best New Innovation
Mirenesse Thermal Wrap N Repair Hair Treatment $29

A self-heating cap that infuses nourishing ingredients into dry, unhealthy hair? Welcome to 2018, people. This affordable treat gets results pretty similar to a professional treatment at a fraction of the price. If this is the future of hair care, we're here for it. 

Byrdie Curated Beauty Awards 2018

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