Every Amazing Life and Beauty Lesson I've Learned From Team Byrdie

You didn't know? Byrdie beauty editors are the sharpest editors in the game. Byrdie encompasses a team full of women with a wealth of knowledge about everything. It goes without saying we can talk on and on about beauty, but the thing is, there's beauty in everything. To share a space with these women has been invaluable, to say the least. And to even sit down and think about what I've learned from each of these special human beings feels impossible because I've learned so much.

These women have taught me an immense amount of about life. Today is my last day (real tears), and below are a few gems I've learned from each of these special ladies.


Life Lesson: You May Think It's Impossible, But It's Possible

Lindsey takes on everything so effortlessly. Her to-do list could be never-ending, but you'd never know it because her composure remains unfazed and under control. I've learned that I can do anything from Lindsey. She's inspired me to think beyond limitations and be a boss who always gets it done. 

Beauty Lesson: Price Tags Don't Mean a Thing

Linds swears by this $13 drugstore foundation so much that she used it for her wedding makeup. She recently got me into a $9 eyebrow pencil that should've dropped from the heavens above. It's like the drugstore dupe to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz.  


Life Lesson: Being Fiercely Independent Will Take You to New Heights 

When Erin got her job at Byrdie, she moved across the country to Los Angeles, which felt completely new and fresh to her. Imagine how scary it is to go to a new city, make new friends, and start a new job. When she told me that, I wondered if I could ever do the same. Erin is a light, so of course she's established herself there. Her independence is so inspirational. 

Beauty Lesson: Extra Lashes Are the Best Lashes 

One glance at her stunning photo above shows you her lashes are next-level. Out of all her amazing articles, I enjoy her mascara talk so much. She knows her stuff and takes pride in the lengthening process of lashes, which can feel time-consuming but worth it. Whenever it's the weekend and I'm going all out with my lashes using several coats of mascara, I think of Erin. 


Life Lesson: Don't Be a Regular Boss, Be a Cool Boss 

Faith fearlessly leads Team Byrdie while simultaneously living her best life. She's so smart, kind, inspiring, and cool. I've always admired how accomplished and humble Faith is. She fosters a fun work environment, and I know I can literally come to her for anything. She's mastered how to be a boss and an amazing friend. How dope is that? 

Beauty Lesson: Don't Be Afraid to Make Drastic Beauty Changes 

Without saying much about it, Faith up and went platinum. One day, she walked in the office with brunette hair and the next it was platinum blonde. I tend to mull over changes before I take the leap. Faith's hair is lit. She inspires me to not care about what other people think and just do what feels right to me. 


Life Lesson: Walk in Your Light 

It's so beautiful to experience Hallie's authenticity. She is deeply in tune with herself and outspoken about things others may be fearful to talk about. We've shared some of the most real discussions, and she allows me to be completely vulnerable with her sans judgment. She's such a pure soul, and I love that she inspires me to be unapologetic. 

Beauty Lesson: You Don't Need Makeup to Feel Beautiful 

Hallie knows skincare, like really knows skincare. Every day she walks into the office with glowing, makeup-free skin. It's encouraged me to depend less and less on foundation or concealer to feel like my best self. I'm my best self when I walk through my skincare routine slowly and surely. I don't need makeup, and it's okay if I go without it. 


Life Lesson: Stop Apologizing 

Why is it that women always say "I'm sorry"? It's been a huge habit of mine for years, and it's hard to put my finger on exactly where it came from. Victoria wrote this amazingly captivating essay on why women need to stand in their power and stop apologizing when we did nothing wrong. I read it periodically when I'm feeling like I need a reminder to stop saying sorry for no apparent reason. 

Beauty Lesson: Wellness Isn't Just "Self-Care", It's an All-Encompassing Lifestyle 

Byrdie edit meetings get real. In one particularly memorable meeting last year, we discussed the overwhelming trend of "self-care." Yes, you should treat yourself and make yourself feel good. But challenge yourself to do more and think critically about wellness. Following Victoria on Instagram will show you that wellness isn't a trend; it's a lifestyle. She's not new to this; she's true to this.


Life Lesson: My Feelings Are Valid, and There's So Much Out There, I Just Have to Open My Eyes 

One fine day, when Amanda was visiting New York, I was venting to her and she gave the best no-BS advice ever on relationships. I was telling her my feelings about a guy who ultimately ended things with me, and she reminded me that he is simply one of many. Sure, I'll be sad. But then I'll go back out and experience something new. Being a 20-something is about experiences, and I need to remain open to letting life happen to me. Amanda is one of the most confident women I know, and I look up to her carefree approach to dating so much. 

Beauty Lesson: You 100% Should Care About the Ingredients In Your Beauty Products 

I can always depend on a recommendation from reading Amanda's work that will highlight cruelty-free beauty products. To be an eco-friendly beauty junkie isn't that hard. You may need to look further into the ingredient list on your products. But at least you can rest assured that you're putting the healthiest stuff on your skin. And your makeup will still look fire—refer to Amanda's Instagram for evidence.

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