Byrdie Readers' Choice Awards: The Top Skincare Products, According to You

We relish in the fact that you, the readers, come to us in confidence for fresh beauty ideas, news, celebrity content, and our favorite launches, but trust when we say that this is a symbiotic relationship. We know that the Byrdie reader is incredibly beauty-savvy, so we love having the opportunity to learn which products you turn to repeatedly, like when we asked for your "top threes" and had you send us your most #doubletapworthy makeup looks. That's why this month, in lieu of launching our Byrdie Beauty Awards, we bypassed a third-party panel and chose to source the top products from you.

First up in this series is all things skincare. Earlier this week, we sent out a Google Form asking for your top picks in cleansers, serums, body lotions, and so much more, and boy, did you deliver. Through your responses, we learned about new products and application hacks, but we also found out which products were the clear winners in each category. Below, your top picks. 

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