Meet BYOMA: The Under-$16 Skincare Line That Just Launched at Target

It takes the guesswork out of repairing your skin barrier.

BYOMA skincare products

BYOMA / Byrdie

In the skincare world, restoring your skin barrier has become a hot topic. It's the gentle response to earlier, harsher beauty trends (like over-exfoliation), which tend to strip the skin and make it weaker. This is where BYOMA, a new skincare line that launched exclusively at Target on Jan. 30, comes in. Not only is the brand on board with barrier-boosting skincare, but it's also doing it in a simple, affordable, and sustainably packaged way.

"During the initial COVID lockdown, we noticed a lot of people playing chemist in their bathrooms, experimenting with new, super-strength actives with less than desirable results," BYOMA's founder Marc Elrick explains to Byrdie. "Without realizing it, this skincare FOMO has caused people to strip their skin through overusing and over-exfoliating. Basically, people are breaking their skin barriers in search of short-term, quick fixes that are doing more harm than good."

The solution? Collaborate with experts to develop products full of skin-loving ingredients that work for everyone, no matter their skin type. "We found incredible partners with leading Korean labs who specialize in research and development of the skin barrier," Elrick says, noting that the brand worked with the labs to develop proprietary formulas that repair the brick-and-mortar structure of the skin.

The best part? Each BYOMA product rings in at just $16 or less, so you can scoop up the whole line during your next Target run without spending an entire paycheck. Below, get all the details on the new BYOMA launch, and read our honest review.

BYOMA skincare products


The Inspiration

BYOMA was made "to democratize the skincare landscape," per Elrick. "We’re disrupting the status quo of over-treated, over-exfoliated, barrier-broken skin. No other brands are doing what we’re doing at this price point." As the founder explains, the brand's goal was to combine dermatologist-approved barrier care with effective active ingredients that not only deliver noticeable results, but also work for all skin types.

Restorative, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas were only part of BYOMA's objective. Another important goal they were hoping to hit? Informative skincare. Their colorful packaging is not just chic; BYOMA made a point to include actual information on it.

"There’s a lot of misinformation around skincare ingredients and, as a science-backed brand, we want to try to tackle that," Elrick says. "We want to educate and empower our community because transparency and trust are everything." In addition to listing and decoding each product's ingredients list on the packaging, the brand also breaks down exactly how and when you should use each step as well.

BYOMA cleanser


The Products

BYOMA's launch is all about bringing the basics back to skincare—but in the best way possible. Although maximalism might be in for beauty, those with sensitive skin (and even those without) know how far a simple skincare routine can take you. For the brand's inaugural launch, they introduced seven barrier-boosting products: Creamy Jelly Cleanser ($12), Moisturizing Gel-Cream ($14), Moisturizing Rich Cream ($15), Brightening Serum ($16), Clarifying Serum ($16), Hydrating Serum ($16), and Balancing Face Mist ($14).

As Elrick explains, the brand blends barrier-boosting ingredients with actives in their formulas to create a supercharged skincare solution. "Our proprietary Tri-Ceramide Complex is formulated with the three key components of the stratum corneum—ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids—to rebuild the skin barrier and restore natural moisture levels, ensuring skin functions at its best for every face, every day," he says.

The line is designed to be universal enough to add to any routine, no matter your skin type. Elrick explains, "Our goal is the same as yours—we want you to find a routine that works for you to give you the skin that you want." A healthy skin barrier is just the (critical) foundation.

Across their collection, every product has the aforementioned Tri-Ceramide Complex, along with additional ingredients that have more targeted purposes. For example, the cleanser contains licorice root and green tea, giving it a boost of antioxidants that still feels refreshing. Plus, if you want a spritz of more skin-loving ingredients, their Balancing Face Mist—infused with a pH balancing probiotic blend—is up to the task.

The two moisturizers are slightly more personalized, depending on your skin's unique needs. If you want an oil-free formula that reduces redness but isn't too thick, you can use the Moisturizing Gel-Cream. On the other hand, if you have dryer skin and are seeking a more nourishing formula, the Moisturizing Rich Cream might be your best bet.

With BYOMA's serums, things get even more individualized. Acne-prone skin? The Clarifying Serum combines blue tansy, PHA, and zinc to target blemishes. Feeling like your skin is looking a bit duller than usual? The Brightening Serum uses niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for a major glow-up. Dry skin that just can't hold any moisture? The Hydrating Serum adds powerhouse nourishing ingredients like squalene and glycerin to the mix.

No matter what combination of products you use, BYOMA is designed to be a gentle building block, so that you can slowly but surely start to repair your skin's barrier without any further irritation.

BYOMA serums


The Review

If I could describe BYOMA in one word, it would be refreshing. (And that's not just because their cleanser feels amazing going on.) In fact, for me, the refreshing elements of BYOMA had more to do with their packaging than anything else. On every product, there was no minuscule ingredient list with impossible-to-read font to be found. Instead, a full side of each container was dedicated to listing every ingredient and the role it plays in the formula. As someone who doesn't just want to know what's going on my face, but also why I should be putting it there, this transparency was a huge green flag.

And the green flags just kept popping up. Each time I tried a BYOMA product, I was relieved to find that there was zero skin irritation. It didn't spark any breakouts, either, even though I have acne-prone skin. Slowly incorporating the line into my regular routine was actually pretty seamless. When my skin felt a little dryer, I went for the Moisturizing Rich Cream. When I noticed some hormonal blemishes, I added in the Clarifying Serum. Because each formula was so gentle, the stakes of switching things up just didn't seem so high, and my whole skincare routine felt less complicated as a result. I already have enough things to stress about, so this ease was more than enough to win me over.

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